Pingree Student Honored with Christian A. Herter Memorial Scholarship

Pingree School is pleased to announce that Kaleb Habtegebriel '20, of Lynn, has been selected as a recipient of the Christian A. Herter Memorial Scholarship.

Since 1972, The Massachusetts State Legislature has granted Herter Scholarships annually to 25 tenth- and eleventh-grade students who—in spite of facing adversity—demonstrate academic promise and the intention to pursue higher education. The renewable scholarship funds up to 50 percent of a student's calculated financial need for each of the four undergraduate years at the college or university of their choice.

"Kaleb has weathered personal losses that no young person should have to face, and yet, like the incredible endurance athlete he is, Kaleb persists and excels," said Nicholas Soodik, associate college counselor and Kaleb's nominator. "What most impresses me about Kaleb is that he never calls attention to his own excellence. His education seems dedicated to something nobler and more virtuous than mere self-interest or personal gain: He's driven by a profound desire to know what's right and true."

"We are so proud of Kaleb," said Pingree's Head of School Tim Johnson. "He possesses a rare combination of calm, wisdom, humility, and maturity, and we are excited to see what the future holds for him."

The scholarship recipients were honored at an award ceremony on Thursday, May 23, at the Massachusetts State House in Boston.