Welcome Aboard: Pingree's Fellowship Enriched by Ms. Caba and Mx. Snyder

Welcome Aboard: Pingree's Fellowship Enriched by Ms. Caba and Mx. Snyder

The Pingree Teaching Fellowship Program provides mentorship and a pathway to those who are new to education and have been traditionally underrepresented to help prepare for a career in teaching in independent schools. This year, we are delighted to have two new fellows to the program: Kerlyn Caba in the World Languages Department for Spanish and Wesley Snyder in the Math Department. 

Ms. Caba, from Harlem, New York, majored in History and complemented her primary studies with minors in Education and Spanish at St. Lawrence University. Beyond her academic commitments, she also served as a Teaching Assistant in the World Languages, Cultures, and Media Department. Ms. Caba is the Assistant Coach for JV Volleyball at Pingree, and she eagerly anticipates coaching the Girls Varsity Tennis team this spring. Her discipline and commitment aren’t limited to just academics and sports; she has dedicated 7 years to practicing taekwondo, ultimately achieving the status of a certified instructor. During moments of work or study, Ms. Caba often finds solace in the rhythms of R&B and lo-fi music. Additionally, she has a keen interest in anime and counts "Attack on Titan," "Demon Slayer," and "My Hero Academia" among her favorites. A dog mom, Ms. Caba has an adorable shih tzu puppy named Luna that she often speaks fondly of. 

The World Language Department is thrilled to have Ms. Caba mentored by our dedicated Spanish teacher, Allison Angelico. Entering her 8th year at Pingree, Ms. Angelico continues to serve as the Co-Coordinator and Lead Teacher for Pingree’s Barcelona Exchange Program and Assistant Sailing Coach, beyond teaching multiple levels of Spanish in the classroom. Ms. Caba, in addition to being a fellow in the World Languages Department, has the honor of shadowing Anna McCoy in the History Department. 

Mx. Snyder, a native of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is joining the Pingree Mathematics department as a teaching fellow. Prior to coming to Pingree, they were at Dexter Southfield School and Fusion Academy. In addition to academics, they are assisting the Boys JV II Soccer and Swimming in winter. Mx. Snyder graduated from Clark University with a B.A. in Economics. While at Clark, they were a Teaching Assistant in the Math Department. Outside of school, Mx. Snyder enjoys puzzles and all things critical thinking-related, having completed nearly 100 escape rooms, as well as music and theater with French horn being their primary instrument. Fun fact: their high school band marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade and performed at the USS Missouri Memorial in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Mx. Snyder has a younger brother named Joseph and a cat named Cooper. 

Eric Olson, our former Department Chair for Math, will serve as Mx. Snyder’s mentor. This is Mr. Olson’s 28th year at Pingree, and he loves woodworking, sculpting, and coaching soccer, tennis, and volleyball. Another fun fact: Mr. Olson spent six years teaching in Norway and England prior to coming to Pingree.  As a community, we welcome the new fellows with open arms and are grateful for the mentorship of Ms. Angelico and Mr. Olson.