Students Build Community During Local L.A.B.

Pingree students took the North Shore by storm, participating in a full day of team building and experiential learning exercises. Pingree's Local Learning Across Borders (L.A.B.) program benefits students and faculty members by creating opportunities that extend learning beyond the traditional classroom.

On their October 15 Local L.A.B. Day, ninth- through eleventh-grade students traveled with their grade-level peers to Ipswich, Boston, and Alton, New Hampshire. During their time at Crane Estate, ninth grade students worked together to build sand sculptures and participated in team-building exercises. Tenth graders enjoyed scenic fall foliage along their hike of New Hampshire's Mount Major. Eleventh graders tried their hand at governing during their trip to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston. While there, the students toured the exhibit halls and participated in a simulated session of the senate. Set in a recreation senate chambers, students considered an amendment to existing law about capital punishment. 

"One of the aspects of the day I enjoyed most was seeing how the trip tied into the curriculum, since students study U.S. History or American Cultural Studies in eleventh grade," said Meg O'Neill, librarian and trip chaperone. "The students' engagement in the interactive experiences and their thoughtfulness in the debate was outstanding."

Pingree's twelfth grade students used the Local L.A.B. day for a different type of enrichment: work on their college applications. Students opted to visit colleges they were considering, while others spent the day on campus to receive one-on-one assistance with their college essays and resumes. 

Additional Local L.A.B Days are planned for February and April. Click here to learn more about the Learning Across Borders program.