Spring 2022 Athletics Recap

Congratulations to our spring teams and afternoon programs on a successful season! Varsity Baseball, Girls Varsity Lacrosse, and Boys Varsity Lacrosse finished the season as EIL League Champs! Girls Varsity Tennis, Baseball, and Track & Field advanced to New England Championships, with Girls Track & Field finishing third in New England for the first time in school history.

Below is a list of students who earned ALL-NEPSAC and league honors as well as those who earned department honors from their coaches and peers. Congratulations to Jack Feeks who was selected as EIL Player of the Year and All-American for boys varsity lacrosse and Quinn Moses who was selected as EIL Player of the Year for boys baseball.

Varsity Baseball 

EIL league and tournament champions

  • Most Valuable Player: Quinn Moses

  • Team Award for Outstanding Leadership and Performance: ​​Drew Botta 

  • Standout Award for Top Pitcher: Cole Perkin

  • Ross Yanco ’88 Award: Jeff Arthur

  • EIL All-League: Drew Botta, Cole Perkin, Jaylon Richardson, Chase Stafford 

  • EIL All League Honorable Mention: Jeff Arthur, Max Jacobsen, Jimmy Keck  

Varsity Softball 

  • Most Valuable Player: Caitlyn Dion

  • Coaches Award: Oliva Robertson

  • Team Award: Amelie Marandola

  • Standout Award: Marah Goldman

  • Athletic Director Award: Mackenzie Holian

  • EIL All-League: Caitlyn Dion 

  • EIL Honorable Mention: Marah Goldman 

Boys Varsity Tennis 

  • Most Valuable Player: Sean Blundin

  • Coaches Award: Hugo Sweet

  • Team Award: Luke Tsiaras

  • Standout Award: Alex Moldovean

  • EIL Honorable Mention: Kyle Greason

Girls Varsity Tennis 

  • Most Valuable Player: Phoebe Thorne

  • Coaches Award: Catherine Curry

  • Most Improved Award: Kira Nielson

  • Standout Award: Allison Durand

  • EIL All-League: Catherine Curry, Phoebe Thorne 

  • EIL Honorable Mention: Ella Comparato, Riley McLoy, Kira Nielson 

Boys Varsity Lacrosse 

EIL league champions

  • Most Valuable Player: Jack Feeks

  • Coaches Award: Tyler Howe

  • Team Award: Jack Savoie

  • Standout Award: Colin McLoy

  • EIL All-League: Jack Feeks, Mekhi Taylor, Jack Savoie, Cam Dick, Colin McLoy

  • Honorable Mention: Max Becker, Riley McClure

  • EIL Player of the Year and US Lacrosse All American: Jack Feeks 

Girls Varsity Lacrosse 

EIL league and tournament champions

  • Most Valuable Player: Cameron Traveis, Schuyler Lloyd

  • Team Award: Avery Robillard

  • Standout Award: Isabel Smail

  • Rookie of the Year: Waters Lloyd

  • Athletic Director Award: Elena McCloskey

  • EIL All-League: Schuyler Lloyd, Elena McCloskey, Avery Robillard, Isabel Smail, Cameron Traveis

  • EIL Honorable Mentions: Mia Shuman, Waters Lloyd

  • NEPSAC All-Stars: Cameron Traveis, Schuyler Lloyd, Avery Robillard, and Elena McCloskey

  • NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Isabel Smail, Meghan Collins, Waters Lloyd, Mia Shuman

Varsity Rowing 

  • Most Valuable Player: Sadie Andriola

  • Coaches Award: Sadie Andriola, William Eardley

  • Team Award: Wylie Glorieux

  • Standout Award: Rebecca Briggs

Varsity Sailing 

  • Most Valuable Player:  Carl Meyer

  • Coaches Award: Kere Falconer

  • Team Award: Alex Yablin

  • Standout Award: Helen Coughlin

Boys Varsity Track 

  • Most Valuable Player: Mark Graubart

  • Coaches Award: ​​Sam Graubart

  • Team Award: Xavier Yepez

  • Standout Award: Bryan Marinelli

  • EIL All-League: Bryan Marinelli, Aryeh Andriola, Samuel Graubart, Chiris Jimenez

  • EIL Honorable Mention: Sam Graubart, Xavier Yepez

Girls Varsity Track

For the first time, Pingree girls track finished in the top three at the New England Championships!

  •  Most Valuable Player: Erica Dowd

  • Coaches Award: Clare O'Holleran

  • Team Award: Erica Dowd

  • Standout Award: Olivia Adelabu

  • EIL All-League: Clare O’Holleran, Allie Donovan, Erica Dowd, Lexi Garcia 

  • EIL Honorable Mention: Lyda Cabot, Cassie Smith 

  • NEPSAC All-New England: Olivia Adelabu, Clare O'Holleran, Allie Donovan, Erica Dowd, Lexi Garcia

Boys J.V. Baseball 

  • Most Valuable Player: Charlie Jaferian

  • Coaches Award: John Ogles, Avery Sheets

  • Standout Award: Jack Murphy

Boys J.V. Lacrosse 

  • Most Valuable Player: Alex Theriault

  • Coaches Award: Matt Fonzi

  • Team Award: Alex Theriault

  • Standout Award: Mac Trotman

Girls J.V. Lacrosse 

  • Most Valuable Player: Jaselle Yepez

  • Coaches Award: Georgia Rossetti

  • Team Award: Peyton Falk

  • Athletic Director Award: Grace Mullaney

Girls J.V. II Lacrosse 

  • Most Valuable Player: Alissa Brengola, Abby DiCenso

  • Coaches Award: Jaime Joyce

  • Team Award: Ellery Welch, Hannah Selverian

  • Standout Award: Taylor Stacey

Boys J.V. Tennis 

  • Most Valuable Player: Yash Bolishetti

  • Coaches Award: Brian Fortin

  • Team Award: Clifford Shepherdson

  • Standout Award: Devin Cox

Girls J.V. Tennis 

  • Coaches Award: Quinn Falconer

  • Team Award: Charlotte Lee


  • Most Valuable Player: Josh Klee

  • Coaches Award: Nathaniel Pynchon

  • Team Award: Matti W'Gebriel

  • Standout Award: Jay Goodman