Pingree Students Honored in Art & Writing Awards

Pingree Students Honored in Art & Writing Awards

Pingree School is pleased to announce that 17 students were honored in the 2022 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

According to the organizers, "Students receiving Gold Keys, Silver Keys, Honorable Mentions, or American Voices & Visions Nominations are celebrated within their communities through local exhibitions and ceremonies. Gold Key works are then judged nationally by an impressive panel of creative–industry experts to receive National Medals, including Gold Medals, Silver Medals, American Voices & Visions Medals, Gold Medal, and Silver with Distinction Portfolio Medals, and Special Achievement Awards."


Writing Awards

  • Mackenzie Holian '23, Gold Key, critical essay, "America: Not a City on a Hill"
  • Mackenzie Holian '23, Honorable Mention, poetry, "There was a Child Went Forth"
  • Seyeon Kelly Min '23, Honorable Mention, personal essay and memoir, "The Wish of Constellation"
  • Madeleine Signore '23, Gold Key, critical essay, "An Exploration of American Fashion: Ralph Lauren and the Lo-Lifes"

Art Awards
All works in the photography category

  • James Choe '22, Gold Key, "Desert in the Pond"
  • Ryan Clark '23, Gold Key, "untitled"
  • Helena Crate '24, Gold Key, "Tree Girl"
  • Teddy Doggett '22, Silver Key, "Down The Saddle"
  • Charlie Falk '24, Honorable Mention, "Foliage"
  • Brooke Hintlian '24, Honorable Mention, "Yellow"
  • Brooke Hintlian '24, Silver Key, untitled work
  • Charlie Jaferian '23, Silver Key, "Flying Chair"
  • Ally Krohg '23, Silver Key, "Mountain Lake"
  • Dylan Leonard '23, Honorable Mention, "Reflection of Life"
  • Dylan Leonard '23, Gold Key, "Undefeated"
  • Karlyn Mazow '22, Silver Key, "Tree in the Window"
  • Jack Moulison '23, Honorable Mention, "Picture within a picture"
  • Jack Moulison '23, Silvery Key, "Window Shadow"
  • Mikaela Selby '23, Honorable Mention, "Serene in 10º"
  • Maggie Warner '23, Silver Key, "Dead and Dying"
  • Alex Yablin '23, Gold Key, untitled work
  • Alex Yablin '23, Honorable Mention, "Watching Over The Bonfire"