Pingree School Welcomes Students into Cum Laude Society

Pingree School Welcomes Students into Cum Laude Society

On Thursday, May 4, Pingree School welcomed a new group of 11th and 12th-grade students into its chapter of the Cum Laude Society (CLS). Founded in 1906, CLS is an international organization that promotes scholarship and recognizes academic achievement in secondary schools.

The induction ceremony featured a keynote speech by alumna Emma Johnson ’10, who shared how the love of learning she fostered on Pingree’s campus continues to impact her work at Columbia University. As a budding activist while at Pingree, Emma laid the foundations for some of the school’s impactful environmental initiatives. In her speech, she urged students to keep sustainability in mind, balancing big dreams and meaningful values-aligned projects with the endurance necessary to effect change. 

Additionally, members of the class of 2023 serenaded students and their families with stirring renditions of Lizzie McAlpine's "Apple Pie" and Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway."

Members of the senior class inducted into CLS were:

  • Danny Alepa ’23

  • Mark Graubart ’23

  • Sam Graubart ’23

  • Camille Kamisky ’23

  • Schuyler Lloyd ’23

  • Tess McLafferty ’23

  • Kelly Min ’23

  • Olivia Ribaudo ’23

  • Caroline Rogers ’23

  • Kanthi Sattiraju ’23

  • Kate Spaulding ’23

  • Sophia Thomson ’23

  • Yiwen Zhan ’23 

Members of the junior class who were inducted were: 

  • Helen Coughlin ’24

  • Quinn Falconer ’24

  • Sarah Hirsch ’24

  • Matt Theriault ’24

  • Genevieve Rich ’24

  • Will Roelofs ’24

  • Hannah Selverian '24

Additionally, last year’s junior class inductees were on-hand to welcome the chapter's newest members. They included Avery DePiero ’23, Mackenzie Holian ’23, Madeline LaMarche ’23, Emily Norton ’23, and Nora Pierce ’23.

Congratulations to the inductees!