Department Distinctions Awarded for 2020–2021 Academic Year

Pingree School is pleased to share the names of students who received department distinctions for the 2020–2021 academic year. Students are selected by each department for their unflagging curiosity and passion for the subject, positive attitude, outstanding work ethic, and exceptional achievement in the specific discipline. We are proud of these students’ strong scholarship and positive contributions to our academic program.


​​Olivia Adelabu: Math

Anjuli Aguja: Science

Julianna Aguja: Science, Visual Arts, Math

Luc Allen: Science

Jeffrey Arthur: Math

Erin Barresi: Language

Kelly Blundin: Science

Sean Blundin: History, Performing Arts

Evan Bocchino: Language

James Book: Math

Drew Botta: Math

Willa Bradley: English

Alissa Brengola: Math

Ava Broderick: Math

Lyda Cabot: History, Language

Sadie Canelli: Language

Catherine Card: Performing Arts

Una Carroll: Visual Arts

James Choe: Math

Tyrus Cobb: Math

Sophia Comparato: English

Shannon Conte: English, Performing Arts

Owen Cootey: English

Helen Coughlin: English, Math, History

Audrey Crate: Language, Math

Elizabeth Crate: Language, Visual Arts

Yasmina DeAngelis: English

Annabelle Delaluna-Howard: English

Theodore Delisio: Math

Avery DePiero: History

Caitlyn Dion: Performing Arts

Erica Dowd: Science

Ashley DuKatz: Performing Arts

Abigail Duval: Language

Sarah Eardley: Visual Arts

Jacquelyn Elward: History

Julia Evangelista: Science, English

Valerie Fajardo: Language

Kerewin Falconer: Language

Quinn Falconer: Language, History, Math

Quinlan Falvey: English

John Feeks: Science

Eleanor Ferris: Performing Arts

John Glencross: Science

Mark Graubart: History, Language

Ella Greenfield: Science

Brandon Greenstein: Performing Arts

Katherine Greisdorf: Science, English, History

Heidy Guzman: Language

Sarah Hirsch: Language, History, English

Mackenzie Holian: History, Science

Mackenzie Holian: Science

Tyler Howe: Visual Arts

Sophia Hughes: History

Nevan Hughlett: History, Language

Camille Kamisky: Math

Roma Kanchinadam: Math, English

Shannon Kane: Performing Arts

Phoebe Kellogg: Math

Joshua Klee: History

Lucca Kloman: Science

Alexandra Krohg: History, Visual Arts

Lucia LaFauci: Language

Madeline LaMarche: Language, Math

William Landers: Visual Arts

Charlotte Lee: English

Eva Leikikh: English

Sydney Lemons: English

Caroline Li: Math

Rick Li: Visual Arts

Schuyler Lloyd: English

Kiara Luciano: Visual Arts, History

Michael Lynch: Visual Arts

Isabel Marble: History

Madeline Massicotte: Performing Arts

Stephen Massillon: Visual Arts, English

Elena McCloskey: Visual Arts, Language

Tess McLafferty: History, Science

Kelly Min: Language

Autumn Morant: English

Anita Muriithi: History

Fiona Murphy: Science

Chloe Norris: Language, Math

Emily Norton: English, Language

Nancy Norton: Science

Alexa Nova Vargas: History, Science, Language

John Ogles: Science

Megan Onello: Performing Arts

Nashly Ozuna Blanco: Math

Christopher Perkin: Science

Dario Petrillo: English

Abigail Pierce: History

Nora Pierce: History, Science, English, Math

Nathaniel Pynchon: Science, Math

Jack Radochia: Science

Ashwin Ramanathan: Science

Olivia Ribaudo: English, History

Genevieve Rich: History

Olivia Robertson: Language, Performing Arts

Lara Roelofs: Science, History

William Roelofs: Math

Caroline Rogers: Language

Chase Rogers: Math

Patricia Romero: Performing Arts

Hogan Rose: English, History

Sai Kanthi Sattiraju: History, Language

Monique Say: Performing Arts

Brooke Schatz: Performing Arts

Hannah Selverian: Science

Madeleine Signore: English, Visual Arts

Katherine Silacci: Science

Ashley Smail: Math, English

Isabel Smail: English

Anna Souter: History

Nolan St. John: Visual Arts

Kate Stella: Science

William Stevens: Science

Cooper Sullivan: Visual Arts

Frankie Sullivan: Math, English

Hugo Sweet: Performing Arts

Whitney Tedford: Science

Jordyn Theriault: Math

Matthew Theriault: Math, Science

Sophia Thomson: Language

Abigail Torres: Language, Math

Caitlyn Tucker: Science

Eaden W'gebriel: Science, English

Matias W'Gebriel: Math

Alexander Yablin: Language

Xavier Yepez: Math

Yiwen Zhan: Visual Arts