Celebrating Winter Sports Awards

The Pingree Highlanders charged forward into the winter season ready to turn up the heat in pursuit of athletic achievement. Energy was high and the campus was buzzing as students laced up sneakers and skates and strapped on skis to take on the best New England had to offer. Boys Varsity Ski led the way, winning the NEPSAC Class B Alpine Skiing Championship for the third year in a row. Both Boys and Girls Ski also won the Central Mass Ski League Championship overall title for the sixth year running. Girls Varsity Basketball finished strong as co-champions in the Eastern Independent League. Lastly, in support of the Andrew James Lawson Foundation, Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball had the opportunity to compete in the Foundation's annual tournament at TD Garden on the Boston Celtics court, an incredible community event! 

Success was achieved on many levels for all of our teams this season. The following list highlights students who earned All-NEPSAC and league honors as well as Department Honors awarded by their coaches and teammates. 

Boys Varsity Basketball 

  • Most Valuable Player: Felix Kloman

  • Coaches Award: Dillon Smith

  • Team Award: Connor Smith

  • Standout Award: Adam Albren

  • AD Award: Harrison Latimer

  • EIL All-League Award: Felix Kloman, Harrison Latimer 

  • EIL Honorable Mention: Cleto Chol, Dillon Smith

  • All-NEPSAC: Felix Kloman

Girls Varsity Basketball 

  • Most Valuable Player: Madison Mandalinci

  • Coaches Award: Sarah Ager

  • Team Award: Abbey Skinner

  • Standout Award: Tori Farrell

  • EIL All-League Award: Tori Farrell, Madison Mandalinci

  • EIL Honorable Mention: Savannah Gibbs, Abbey Skinner

  • All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Madison Mandalinci

Boys Varsity Ice Hockey 

  • Most Valuable Player: Ian Driscoll

  • Coaches Award: John Crehan

  • Team Award: Ian Driscoll

  • Standout Award: Sam Murray

  • Holt Conference All-League: Kyle Collins, John Crehan, Brendan Driscoll, Ian Driscoll

Girls Varsity Ice Hockey 

  • Most Valuable Player: Addy Fenton

  • Coaches Award: Liz Zelten

  • Team Award: Callie MacLaughlin

  • Standout Award: Katelyn Clark

  • EIL All-League Award: Katelyn Clarke, Addy Fenton

  • EIL Honorable Mention: Kate Hill, Callie MacLaughlin

  • All-NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Addy Fenton

Varsity Ski

  • Most Valuable Player: Elsa Smith

  • Most Valuable Player: Nolan St. John

  • Coaches Award: Ally Krohg

  • Coaches Award: Hogan Rose

  • Team Award: Colleen Mackey

  • Team Award: Bey Guerster

  • Standout Award: Chloe Norris

  • Standout Award: Thomas Uroskie

  • Central Mass Ski League Girls: Colleen Mackey, Chole Norris, Elsa Smith

  • Central Mass Ski League Boys: Bey Guerster, Dante Mulcahy, Hogan Rose, Thomas Uroskie

  • All-NEPSAC: Bey Guerster, Elsa Smith, Nolan St. John, Hogan Rose, Thomas Uroskie 

Varsity Swimming

  • Most Valuable Player: Catherine Curry

  • Coaches Award: Isabelle Job

  • Most Improved Player: Nora Pierce

  • EIL Honorable Mention: Isabelle Job, Dylan Roberts

Boys J.V. Basketball 

  • Most Valuable Player: Owen Cootey

  • Coaches Award: Jason Nunez

  • Team Award: Stephen Massillon

  • Standout Award: Adin Horrocks

  • AD Award: Ty Cobb

Girls J.V. Basketball 

  • Most Valuable Player: Julia Lucey

  • Coaches Award: Shannon Conte

  • Team Award: Katherine Silacci

  • Standout Award: Avery DePiero

Boys J.V. Ice Hockey 

  • Most Valuable Player: Max Murdock

  • Coaches Award: Matt Fonzi

  • Team Award: Hudson Durant

  • Team Award: Bryan Marinelli

  • Standout Award: Chase Stafford

Girls J.V. Ice Hockey 

  • Most Valuable Player: Sydney Raess

  • Coaches Award: Emma Pearlstein

  • Team Award: Sydney Raess

  • Standout Award: Dana DePiero

  • AD Award: Mia Shuman

Boys J.V. II Basketball Green

  • Most Valuable Player: Daniel Alepa

  • Coaches Award: Frank Kennedy 

  • Team Award: Liam Card

  • Standout Award: Theo Bachelder

  • AD Award: Mekhi Taylor

Boys J.V. II Basketball Blue

  • Most Valuable Player: Riley McClure

  • Coaches Award: Charlie Jaferian

  • Team Award: Joelin Pimentel

  • Standout Award: Jaylon Richardson

Girls J.V. II Basketball 

  • Most Valuable Player: Autumn Morant

  • Coaches Award: Caitlyn Dion

  • Team Award: Tess McLafferty

  • Standout Award: Alicia Garbarino