Celebrating Spring Sports


It goes without saying that this was a spring season we will never forget! You worked hard and stayed focused amidst the daily obstacles that at times felt like they would never end. However, you endured, participated, and embodied the spirit of the Highlander and we would like to thank you for never giving up! Your commitment to embracing the challenges of the spring was a catalyst for hope and promise. The future of Pingree athletics is bright because through it all, we never gave up. We persisted. And that persistence contributes to a legacy of confidence, leadership, and shared purpose. While we do not have championships to highlight, all of our teams enthusiastically embraced being on the fields, and teams across levels had the opportunity to play several in-league and out-of-league games throughout the season. Highlanders, we are thankful for all that you have accomplished this spring, and we are excited about the seasons ahead! 

Below is a list of students who earned All-NEPSAC and athletics honors awarded by their coaches and peers. Congratulations to all of our students on receiving these honors and a special thank you to our seniors who will be greatly missed next year!

Varsity Baseball

  • Most Valuable Player: Caleb Clark

  • Coaches Award: Owen Cootey

  • Team Award: Drew Botta

  • Standout Award: Jaylon Richardson

  • New England Baseball Journal (NEBJ) All-New England Prep 2nd Team: Jaylon Richardson

  • NEBJ All-New England Prep 3rd Team: Caleb Clark

Varsity Softball

  • Most Valuable Player: Shannon Conte

  • Coaches Award: Megan Onello

  • Team Award: Savannah Gibbs

  • Standout Award: Willa Bradley

  • Athletic Director Award: Madeline Massicotte

Boys Varsity Tennis 

  • Most Valuable Player: Ashwin Ramanathan

  • Coaches Award: Rick Li

  • Team Award: Sean Blundin

  • Standout Award: Nick Mitchell

Girls Varsity Tennis 

  • Most Valuable Player: Katherine Silacci

  • Coaches Award: Phoebe Thorne

  • Team Award: Anna Souter

  • Standout Award: Kelly Blundin

Boys Varsity Lacrosse

  • Most Valuable Player: Clayton Smith

  • Coaches Award: Hogan Rose

  • Team Award: Kyle McCarthy

  • Standout Award: Hazen Pike

  • U.S. All-American: Clayton Smith 

Girls Varsity Lacrosse 

  • Most Valuable Player: Kendall Traveis

  • Coaches Award: Avery Robillard

  • Team Award: Sophie Shuman

  • Standout Award: Cameron Traveis

  • Standout Award: Schuyler Lloyd

  • All-NEPSAC: Kendall Traveis

  • All-NEPSAC: Sophie Shuman

  • NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Cameron Traveis

  • NEPSAC Honorable Mention: Schuyler Lloyd

Varsity Rowing

  • Most Valuable Player: Charlotte Maravelis

  • Most Valuable Player: Katy Hylton

  • Standout Award: Wylie Glorieux

  • Standout Award: Kate Stella

Varsity Sailing 

  • Most Valuable Player: Whit Tedford 

  • Coaches Award: Helen Coughlin

  • Team Award: Catherine Card

  • Team Award: Ella Greenfield

  • Standout Award: Alex Yablin

Boys Varsity Track

  • Most Valuable Player: Aryeh Andriola

  • Coaches Award: Mark Graubart

  • Team Award: Kyle Collins

  • Standout Award: Chris Colby

Girls Varsity Track 

  • Most Valuable Player: Olivia Adelabu

  • Most Valuable Player: Clare O’Holleran

  • Coaches Award: Una Carroll

  • Team Award: Jackie Elward

Boys J.V. Baseball 

  • Most Valuable Player: Charlie Jaferian

  • Coaches Award: Chris Giordano

  • Team Award: John Ogles

  • Standout Award: Michael Makowski

  • Standout Award: Evan Bocchino

Boys J.V. Lacrosse 

  • Most Valuable Player: Matt Theriault

  • Coaches Award: Hunter Jones

  • Team Award: Matt Fonzi

  • Standout Award: Alex Theriault

Girls J.V. Lacrosse 

  • Most Valuable Player: Maddie Santosuosso

  • Coaches Award: Zerenna Sawyer

  • Team Award: Colleen Mackey

  • Standout Award: Lucy Bartlett

  • Athletic Director Award: Georgia Rossetti

Girls J.V. II Lacrosse 

  • Most Valuable Player: Alissa Brengola

  • Coaches Award: Tess McLafferty

  • Team Award: Ceci Herriman

  • Standout Award: Abby Dicenso

Boys J.V. Tennis 

  • Standout Award: Dylan Leonard

  • Standout Award: Josh Berman

Girls J.V. Tennis

  • Most Valuable Player: Helena Crate

  • Coaches Award: Liv Ribaudo

  • Team Award: Allie Lufkin

  • Standout Award: Kiara Nielson

Ultimate Frisbee 

  • Most Valuable Player: Alec Dempster

  • Coaches Award: Josh Ames 

  • Team Award: Cooper Sullivan

  • Standout Award: Matti W'Gabriel