Building Community & Fostering Belonging

Building Community & Fostering Belonging

In our ongoing efforts to build a school community upon a foundation of aspirational equity and belonging for all, we remain committed to providing progress updates about our Equity and Anti-racism Action Plan, first shared in 2020. As head of school, president of the board of trustees, and trustee co-chairs of our equity and inclusion committee, we are excited to share this communication with you on behalf of our administration, faculty, and students.

We are humbled and honored to have the privilege of educating the future leaders of our society, a charge we approach with great intention and care. Our role is to create the right conditions for learning to flourish. Pursuing Pingree’s mission to create a more just and equitable world demands that we prepare students both to understand the complexity of our times and to lead courageously through it. Every day, Pingree students are actively honing the skills to understand, navigate, and address systems of marginalization in ways that encourage and inspire us.

This work is ever-evolving and, true to Pingree’s culture, integral to sustaining authentic relationships. Informed by the goals of our action plan, this report illuminates how we are working with Pingree students, faculty, and staff to educate and advance curriculum, develop and equip employees to foster and sustain an inclusive culture, respond to reports of discrimination, and develop long-term progress and accountability indicators. 

Together, we continue to evolve systems and practices at all levels to ensure an even stronger Pingree community where we celebrate the best in each other. 


Tim Johnson
Head of School

Jamie Kellogg
President, Pingree School Board of Trustees

Ivy George
Co-Chair, Pingree School Board of Trustees Equity and Inclusion Committee

Jason Galui
Co-Chair, Pingree School Board of Trustees Equity and Inclusion Committee