Beloved Building and Grounds Member Skip Lane Retires After 22 Years

Skip Lane, a beloved member of the buildings and grounds team, retired from full-time work at the end of November 2020. Skip has been a member of the Pingree community for 22 years, instrumental in keeping the campus running and looking beautiful. Throughout his tenure, he has always been a kind and genuine friend to everyone who has had the opportunity to get to know him. Thousands of students, faculty, and staff have had the opportunity to stop and talk to him in the halls or catch him smile and wave around campus. He has truly been the heart of Pingree’s campus.

During his retirement, Skip will have a chance to spend more time with his children and grandchildren as well as take some time to relax and focus on his health. He will also continue to work at Pingree part-time for special events.

On the mornings of Thursday and Friday, November 11 and 12, the Pingree community congratulated Skip on his retirement in a car parade on the entry drive. Skip watched with Head of School Tim Johnson as community members cheered, beeped their horns, and held up signs to show their appreciation for all he has done.