Endowment Funds

Various opportunities exist for creating named endowment funds at Pingree School. Such funds become part of the permanent resources of the School and provide Pingree with an independent and assured source of revenue.

Endowment bearing individuals’ names, or otherwise rendered discrete from unrestricted funds, must be approved by the Head of School in accordance with the endowment level policies that follows. Because these funding requirements are subject to change, donors should consult with the Institutional Advancement Office when considering a named giving opportunity.

Teaching Endowments

Head of Schoolship $5,000,000
Endows in perpetuity the Head of Schoolship of Pingree School.

Deanship $2,500,000
Establishes a public position of honor to be held specifically by the Academic Dean or Dean of Student Life for the term of either appointed position. Each appointment includes an annual stipend and/or discretionary budget for programmatic needs.

Distinguished Faculty/Department Chair $2,000,000
Establishes the highest public position of distinction, appointed by the Head of School, for a senior member of the faculty who has contributed in a significant way to teaching and learning at the School. Appointment is made for the length of one’s tenure as a member of the faculty, and includes an annual stipend. Named department chairs are given to the current heads of academic departments for the duration of their term, and include annual stipends.

Rogers Teaching Chair $1,300,000
Existing fund established in honor of founding Head of School Robin Rogers. Additional donations are needed to bring existing principal to endowment level. Chair is awarded for a period of three years to a member of the faculty who best exemplifies outstanding teaching in the classroom.

Junior Faculty Chair $1,000,000
Establishes a public position of honor to an early to mid-career faculty member for outstanding accomplishment in his or her discipline. Appointment by the Head of School may be for one or more years, and is accompanied by a stipend.

Scholarship Endowments

Full Scholarship $1,000,000
Provides full tuition and fees for one Pingree student annually.

Major Scholarship $500,000
Provides half-tuition for one Pingree student annually.

Partial Scholarship $250,000
Provides quarter tuition for one Pingree student annually.

Other Endowments

Athletic Fund $100,000 – 250,000
Underwrites general athletic programs, including coaching salaries, equipment, and transportation.

Buildings and Grounds Fund $100,000 – 250,000
Add to existing funds for the maintenance and preservation of Pingree School’s campus and facilities.

Endowment Fund for Designated Use $50,000
Underwrites general departmental or student programs.

Lecture Fund $50,000 – $100,000
Underwrites the fee and related expenses for a speaker or visiting lecturer.

Library Fund $100,000 – 250,000
Add to existing funds for ongoing support of library facilities and collections.

Professional Development Fund $250,000
Add to existing funds to support faculty and staff development initiatives, including independent research, advanced graduate study, and conference attendance.

Technology Fund $500,000 – $1,000,000
Add to existing funds for the maintenance, upgrade, development, and effective utilization of technological resources.