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Pingree School
537 Highland Drive
South Hamilton, MA 01982



Quick Guide

Academic Affairs

Kristin Brown, Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs
x375, kbrown@pingree.org

Tracy Johnson, Registrar
x236, tjohnson@pingree.org


Eric Stacey, Director of Enrollment Management and Admission
x239, estacey@pingree.org

Mary Dyer, Associate Director of Admission
x362, mdyer@pingree.org

Mike Posternack, Associate Director of Admission
x270, mposternack@pingree.org

Kate Frost, Admission Office Coordinator
x262, kfrost@pingree.org

Alumni Relations

Ken Adinkra, Alumni Relations Officer
x310, kadinkra@pingree.org


Alan McCoy, Director of Athletics
x247, amccoy@pingree.org

Tara Sartori, Athletics Office Coordinator
x268, tsartori@pingree.org

Business, Finance, and Operations

Jock Burns, Director of Finance and Operations
x277, jburns@pingree.org

John Harrington, Controller
x226, jharrington@pingree.org

Janice Nelligan, Financial and HR Coordinator
x273, jnelligan@pingree.org

Multicultural Development

Dr. Zara-Marie Spooner, Dean of Community and Multicultural Development
x218, zspooner@pingree.org


Di Mathey, Director of Pingree Fund and Leadership Giving
x227, dmathey@pingree.org

Institutional Advancement

Kimberley Moore, Director of Institutional Advancement
x282, kmoore@pingree.org

Main Office

Joy Foley, Executive Assistant to the Head of School
x234, jfoley@pingree.org

Media and Communications

Melody Komyerov, Director of Communications and Marketing
x233, mkomyerov@pingree.org

Emma Fedor, Assistant Director of Communications
x266, efedor@pingree.org


Steve Filosa, Executive Director
x265, sfilosa@pingree.org

Paul Mayo, Program Director
x205, pmayo@pingree.org

Parent Relations

Shelley Vassallo, Director of Parent Relations and Special Events
x261, svassallo@pingree.org


H. Alden Johnson, Jr. Hockey Rink
Todd Mazzeo, Rink Manager
978 468.6232

Athletic Fields
Chris Powers, Associate Athletic Director
978 468.4415, ext. 248

Theater Rentals
Britney Rand, Community Programs Coordinator
978.468.4415, ext. 255

Venue Rentals
Britney Rand, Community Programs Coordinator
978.468.4415, ext. 255

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