What We Do

The 12-month Malcolm Coates Prep@Pingree program seeks to enrich the lives of students from Lawrence, Lynn, and other communities who have completed their seventh grade academic year by providing academic, cultural, and social opportunities for four weeks during the summer and periodically throughout the year.

Prep@Pingree students...

...Study math, English, engineering, and history in classes taught by experienced public and independent school teachers assisted by high school student instructors.

...Spend two days at Project Adventure engaged in team building exercises.

...Participate in co-curricular activities and workshops on public speaking, financial literacy, interview skills, and more.

...Take day trips within greater Boston and Essex County to visit sites such as MIT, Harvard University, the Ipswich River, the New England Aquarium and Boston's Museum of Science.

At no cost to its students from partnering and sponsoring organizations, Prep@Pingree provides all transportation, food, books, and related supplies. Prep@Pingree students continue their relationship with the program through their 8th grade academic year, high school, and beyond.


Math Workbook

English Workbook

Chemistry Workbook

Engineering Workbook

Physics Workbook

For more information on our academic curriculum or for additional materials, please contact Paul Mayo at pmayo@pingree.org


Why should students participate in Prep@Pingree?

Prep@Pingree students will have the opportunity to improve their understanding of math, English, engineering and history, travel to new places in and around Essex County, meet other great students and teachers and have fun.

How does the four-week summer session work?

The first day opens with a welcome brunch at Pingree School for Prep@Pingree families. As part of orientation, participants spend two days at Project Adventure engaged in team building activities.

During the summer session, students spend four hours each day studying math, English, engineering design, and history in classes taught by experienced public and independent school teachers assisted by high school student instructors. These classes are followed by two hours of co-curricular activities including public speaking, interview and application workshops, swimming, arts and athletics. Each week, students take day trips within greater Boston and Essex County, including a visit to a college campus and a canoe trip on the Ipswich River. The summer session concludes with a closing ceremony, followed by a final day trip.

How do Prep@Pingree students get to and from campus?

Prep@Pingree provides transportation Monday through Friday leaving Lawrence and Lynn at 7:30 a.m. and returning to Lawrence and Lynn by 4:00 p.m.

What kinds of activities to students participate in outside of class?

Swimming, arts and crafts, soccer, kickball, basketball, and more.

What happens after the four-week summer session is over?

For the rest of the year, the Prep@Pingree program offers continued support. Alumni are invited to attend events, travel around the country, local college and secondary school tours and educational programming such as public speaking and financial literacy workshops throughout the school year.

What are the associated costs?

All costs for transportation, food, books, activities, and trips will be covered by Prep@Pingree for partnering and sponsoring organizations. A small number of spaces are available for students from other communities for a $1,750 tuition.

How do I apply?

Please contact Program Director Paul Mayo at pmayo@pingree.org or at 978.468.4415 ext. 205. Applications are available here. Please note the application process begins January 1 and ends March 15.

My institution is thinking of establishing its own academic enrichment program. Where do we start?

Prep@Pingree is pleased to provide support to other schools and organizations interested in starting academic enrichment and scholarship programming for underserved students. For more information, please contact Executive Director Steve Filosa at sfilosa@pingree.org or 978.468.4415 x265. A few documents typically requested and shared are available here:

Prep@Pingree Initial Board Proposal
Sample Grant Narrative
Prep@Pingree Operating Budget