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Prep@Pingree is Pingree School's nationally recognized, 12-month academic enrichment and secondary school scholarship program enrolling 75 current 7th and 8th grade students from Lawrence, Lynn and other communities.

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With the goal of assuring more access to high quality education, the dual mission of Prep@Pingree is to provide an ongoing academic and cultural enrichment program for talented, hard-working, middle school students predominantly from underserved communities and to strengthen the Pingree School community.

Through an intensive five-week summer program and supplemental year-round support, Prep@Pingree prepares admitted students for independent, parochial, and public high schools. Prep@Pingree balances rigorous academics with co-curricular experiences aimed at developing the whole student.


Malcolm Coates Prep@Pingree

Who was Malcolm Coates?

Those who know Prep@Pingree's history best understand what we always tell people who are learning about Prep@Pingree: "No Malcolm Coates, no Prep@Pingree." A retired head of several independent schools, Malcolm Coates boldly articulated a vision for Prep@Pingree—an academic enrichment and secondary school scholarship program that makes a permanent impact on young people and the excellence and relevance of Pingree school for nearly two decades.

Because of Malcolm's enduring, inspirational leadership as a Pingree School trustee, Head's Leadership Council member, former parent, founding chair of the Prep@Pingree advisory committee, founding trustee at Esperanza Academy, mentor, and friend to many, Pingree School with the aid of a generous donor cemented his legacy by naming Prep@Pingree The Malcolm Coates Prep@Pingree Program at Pingree School.