Social Justice and Equity Groups

Multiracial Students Coalition (MRSC)

The Multiracial Students Coalition is an identity-affirming affinity space for Pingree students, faculty, and staff who identify as multiracial or mixed race. The MRSC builds community among multiracial students and with the People of Color Coalition through activities, discussion, gatherings, and shared resources. The MRSC also works with the Community and Multicultural Development Office throughout the year to advance Pingree’s commitment to antiracism and social justice, supporting student education, participation in community events, and more.

People of Color Coalition (PoCC)

The People of Color Coalition is an affinity space for students, faculty, and staff of color in the Pingree community. At PoCC meetings, students and adults discuss current events and personal experiences with the goal of finding connections and support and strengthening their abilities to affect change at Pingree and in the world. PoCC works to integrate many different cultures and ideas and seeks to share learning with the Pingree community at large.

Women Empowered (WE)

Women Empowered was founded with the purpose of creating a gathering space focused on advocating for gender equity in the Pingree community and providing education about sexism and feminism at Pingree and beyond. WE collaborates with other social justice organizations at Pingree and sponsors discussions with community members of all genders.

Allies for Racial Equity (ARE)

Allies for Racial Equity is a student-run club for developing antiracist allyship among students who are interested in supporting Pingree’s efforts to end racism and advance equity in our community and beyond. ARE meets every two weeks and focuses on education and activism with the help of supportive adults in the community. ARE also supports the efforts of the Community and Multicultural Development Office during MLK observance programming and throughout the year, providing education and space to debrief with students in the Pingree community.

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

The Jewish Student Union is an affinity space for Pingree students, faculty, and staff who identify as Jewish by heritage, practice, or otherwise. The JSU provides an empowering community space to educate the Pingree community about Judaism and celebrate Jewish holidays. The JSU is also part of Pingree’s annual MLK observance and collaborates with other social justice clubs on school-wide efforts to increase representation and equity for all members of the Pingree community. 

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

Pingree’s Gender and Sexuality Alliance is a student group that promotes open dialogue and education about sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression. We strive to create an inclusive school community that respects and supports individuals of all sexual orientations or gender identities, and to build a future in which all diversity is appreciated as a positive and enriching aspect of our human experience. All members of the Pingree community are invited to attend bi-weekly meetings and to participate in events such as the GLSEN Day of Silence. 

Student Equity and Inclusion Committee 

The Student Equity and Inclusion Committee is composed of student leaders who focus on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Pingree community. The committee aims to bring issues of importance to students to the attention of the Pingree student body, faculty, staff, and administration.