Advising and Counseling


At Pingree our advising program is a constant reminder that we are here to educate the whole child. We must challenge students to develop their intellects, their interpersonal skills, and their personal sets of values. We believe that learning is a collaborative process and that we nurture these attributes through our relationships with others, including parents, peers, teachers, coaches, and advisors.

Advisors act as advocates for our students and serve as the primary link between home and school. They mentor and support students as they negotiate the challenges of high school. They act as touchstones or anchors for both students and parents. Advisors also make every effort to get to know students and families on a deeper level and to understand what the specific shared goals are for each individual student.


Pingree recognizes the considerable changes adolescents experience between the ninth and twelfth grades. Students are challenged academically, athletically, artistically, socially, morally, and even spiritually. They are developing the ability to think more abstractly and to hold opposing ideas in mind. They are making decisions with potentially long-term consequences, and they are reflecting on the kind of young adults they are becoming. Pingree has a full-time counselor on staff, who has training and experience working with this age group. She is available to students, parents, faculty and staff for consultation.