Community Life

At Pingree students learn in a community of trust, respect, and kindness, and are encouraged to experiment, investigate, and enjoy school as they cultivate relationships and develop individual passions.

The Whole-Student Approach

Here, students learn to value themselves, their peers, and their environment with full access to the tools and support services they need to act and feel their best. Our advisors and teachers care deeply for our students, connecting to and considering each individual throughout their four years.

Class Deans

Class deans partner with a faculty team in charge of activities, attendance, and minor disciplinary offences, within their respective classes. With the dean of student life, and the director of advising and counseling, the class deans are responsible for the Student Life Committee, which meets regularly to discuss student issues.

Community Education

A part of all four years, the Community Education program plays its most important role in student learning in ninth grade, when freshmen meet once a week to learn a blend of “hard” and “soft” skills that do not fall into more traditional academic disciplines, but are vital to adolescent development and life skills acquisition. The program focuses on three important areas: Media Literacy, Character Education, and Health and Wellness.