Preseason Information

Dear Pingree Students,

To all newcomers and those returning, welcome to Pingree Athletics & Afternoon Programs! Please find below some important information regarding pre-season and varsity tryouts for fall 2023 programs. Pre-season practices are mandatory for those trying out for the varsity level of their chosen fall sport. Any student who wishes to participate as part of a varsity level program is welcome to attend tryouts. All sub-varsity practices and other fall afternoon programs will begin on Wednesday, September 6, 2023. Tryouts for sub-varsity level teams (if needed) begin on September 6, and more information will be shared in advance.

Please come to preseason prepared with the appropriate athletics attire, equipment, socks, and footwear. Sport specific requirements are noted below. For field teams, we ask that you bring sneakers in addition to cleats for the possibility of indoor practices. Please bring a water bottle and make sure you are hydrated and prepared for the heat with sunblock. Note that individual lockers will not be available during preseason practices.

Expect to work hard and have fun! If you have any sport specific questions, feel free to reach out to the athletics team or to the coach of your program. Head coaches’ email addresses are hyperlinked if you click on their name on the individual team page on the Pingree Athletics website.

Click here to view the full letter from Betsy Kennedy, director of athletics and afternoon programs. 


Tryout/Practice Schedule by Program