Fall 2020 Athletics & Afternoon Programs

As we plan for the next phase of our co-curricular program, below is a tentative schedule of key dates in which students may have the opportunity to come together as a full afternoon program or team for practices and/or competition through the remainder of the fall season (assuming external and internal health metrics continue to allow us to do so). Amid the challenges of a pandemic, we're doing our very best to create and share a schedule, knowing there may be further iterations, and we will undoubtedly have to adapt as we go. 

Reiterating our goals as we started the year, we continue to be focused on providing opportunities for students to exercise and engage with their co-curricular in a safe and balanced way, develop important skills in their chosen program, and create meaningful relationships while learning the value of teamwork. As we start bringing full teams and groups together, this will be an opportunity for teams to put into practice our Pingree Athletics Code of Conduct and live our mission and commitment to anti-racism and inclusive team culture.

Recognizing schedules will require that students come to campus on additional days, there will be bus transportation provided on Wednesdays for students who currently ride the bus. More details with schedule will follow. If you need Wednesday transportation and aren’t signed up for the bus, please let us know by Tuesday, October 6, and we will follow up with you.