Visual Arts

Pingree's visual arts courses are taught by working artists who offer invaluable perspectives and insights in each of their given disciplines. This is a program that promotes creative and innovative thinking, providing students with the instruction necessary for inspired self-expression and genuine artistic exploration.


Pingree's Ceramics program encourages students to explore techniques of wheel throwing, coils, slabs, pinching, carving, plaster slumping, and hump mold work. Students discover the expressive and sculptural qualities of clay while experimenting with surface texture, development of form, glazing, and firing.


Pingree's photography courses are designed to give students a foundation in the aesthetics and technique of photography. Students learn how to use the camera, apply systems of exposure, process film, and print negatives. In addition, after one semester, students learn digital photography skills including scanning negatives and using Adobe Photoshop software for digital output. Presentations of historical and contemporary photographers as well as regular critiques are included. Intensive individual study is available in advanced photography. Students in advanced courses portfolios and work on independent projects.

Studio Art

Pingree’s studio arts courses foster creative and imaginative thinking, allowing students to express thoughts and ideas through a diverse array of mediums. Students study drawing, painting, printmaking sculpture, and design, learning valuable techniques and boosting their understanding of color, composition, perspective, and depth.