Performing Arts


Pingree students have the opportunity to study traditional forms of dance such as ballet and modern, as well as non-western dance practices and techniques. All study is further informed by exposure to the fields of somatics, ethnography, and artistic performance. Through physical engagement, students discover a deeper understanding of themselves, other cultures, and the nature of movement. Classes are sizeable, with a mix of male and female students. Both classwork and homework are assigned in every level of dance.


Students can get involved in Pingree's music scene through academic coursework, private lessons, or as members of the school's many co-curricular groups and ensembles. Our musicians frequently perform at school assemblies, coffee houses, and special events. Musical instruction at Pingree caters to experienced and novice musicians alike and encourages exploration and experimentation among instruments.


Pingree’s Theater program provides learning experiences that develop self-expression and communication. Students are asked to consider viewpoints that are different from their own while expanding current roles and mastering new ones. Theater promotes originality and divergent thinking and presents students with problems or conflicts that require the use of their intellect, body, and emotions for truthful living through experience. Most importantly, Theater at Pingree seeks to encourage self-reflection in order to discover universal meanings of experience.