Performing Arts


Pingree students have the opportunity to study traditional forms of dance such as ballet and modern, as well as non-western dance practices and techniques. All study is further informed by exposure to the fields of somatics, ethnography, and artistic performance. Through physical engagement, students discover a deeper understanding of themselves, other cultures, and the nature of movement. Classes are sizeable, with a mix of male and female students. Both classwork and homework are assigned in every level of dance.


Students can get involved in Pingree's music scene through academic coursework, private lessons, or as members of the school's many co-curricular groups and ensembles. Our musicians frequently perform at school assemblies, coffee houses, and special events. Musical instruction at Pingree caters to experienced and novice musicians alike and encourages exploration and experimentation among instruments.

Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music program at Pingree prides itself in offering creative musical opportunities of great breadth and depth. By participating in Pingree’s instrumental offerings, students have the opportunity to develop and extend their instrumental technique, learn how to actively listen and interact with one another, and to be composers and improvisers of their own music. Our ensembles, taught by artist-teachers who are all active performing musicians, are student-centered and emphasize the creative process of writing and performing music in conjunction with numerous performance opportunities in and around the Pingree community.

Music Technology and Music Theory

The music program at Pingree School strives to stay on the cutting-edge of the methods, styles, and trends in modern music making. As such, the role of technology in music production, composition, and performance takes a central role as a part of our comprehensive music program.

Our Arts Wing is outfitted with a full-featured recording studio at its core, with all of our second floor music classrooms wired into a central recording Control Room that houses the hardware and software necessary for making recordings in the same manner and with the same technologies at professional studios.

The Arts Wing also features a state-of-the-art Digital Music Lab with a variety of hardware controllers, synthesizers, and computer workstations containing a range of professional music software applications. This lab is used regularly for classes dealing with music production and music theory, but is also open to all Pingree students for use in project-based work they may be doing in other classes.

Vocal Performance

Pingree’s vocal music program offers a variety of courses, activities, and student groups for both seasoned and novice singers. Students study vocal technique, musicianship, and performance, while covering music across all genres, including classical, jazz, pop, and musical theater.


Pingree’s Theater program provides learning experiences that develop self-expression and communication. Students are asked to consider viewpoints that are different from their own while expanding current roles and mastering new ones. Theater promotes originality and divergent thinking and presents students with problems or conflicts that require the use of their intellect, body, and emotions for truthful living through experience. Most importantly, Theater at Pingree seeks to encourage self-reflection in order to discover universal meanings of experience.


Pingree's Theater program offers coursework in acting, directing, playwriting, public speaking, and improvisation—among other topics. Students annually present a fall mainstage production and a winter musical performance and are involved in all facets of the production process both as on-stage performers and behind-the-scenes writers, directors, choreographers, and set designers.

Technical Theater

Technical Theater deals with all of the behind-the-curtain facets that happen in support of the performing arts. These areas include: scenery, lighting, sound, projection, props, and more. Pingree’s Theatrical Production and Design program engages students in storytelling through physical and visual means and offers students who may not identify as performers the chance to get involved in the world of theater.