Groups and Ensembles


Dance Ensemble

Taught as part of Performing Arts Lab, the Dance Ensemble workshop focuses on intermediate to advanced level technical skills, performance skills, and team-building dynamics. Genres and styles covered include: contemporary, ballet, creative movement, musical theater, tap, jazz, hip hop, and modern. In addition, students have the opportunity to create their own dance works by learning skills in choreography and composition. Students in this class are required to perform in multiple events in and outside the Pingree community throughout the school year.

Dance Team

The afterschool Dance Program at Pingree is a team-structured, intensive program exploring an array of genres, including jazz, tap, ballet, modern, contemporary, hip hop, musical theater, and cheer dance. The goal is to excel in all styles of dance, learning multiple performance-based pieces. Dance Team members develop personal growth, teamwork, school spirit, and creativity. Students participate in numerous Pingree events such as dance concerts, musical theater productions, pep rallies, sporting events, charity events, workshops, and fundraisers. Pingree Dance Team also travels to off-campus sites to conduct dance workshops and performances.

Honors Dance Ensemble

In addition to regular course level work, dancers are required to create a piece for both Winter and Spring Dance Concerts. Dancers take all completed work from both semesters and create a Dance Reel in the Spring Semester to be showcased at end of the year. A journal is required to collect all creative processes throughout the year. Students also assist with dance productions, costume selections, music choices, guest artist master classes, field trips, and various dance events throughout the Pingree community. All honors level work will be compiled into a portfolio to be assessed by the department at the end of each semester.

Instrumental Music

Classical Chamber Ensemble

The Classical Chamber Ensemble focuses on learning and performing music that comes from or is influenced by the traditions of western European classical music. Although experience with reading musical notation is recommended, this ensemble is open to all students. The group performs for a variety of school events.

Contemporary Music Ensemble

With a focus on contemporary music (pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, country, etc.) the Contemporary Music Ensemble is open to any student, regardless of instrument or level of experience. This group strives to perform music that is connected to what students are listening to outside of school and performs at several events in and around the Pingree community.

Percussion Ensemble

Percussion Ensemble is open to all students, regardless of prior experience, and focuses on learning and performing a wide variety of percussion-based music from around the world. In addition to learning individual and ensemble techniques for playing different percussion instruments, this group also makes use of computer technology by exploring the ways in which percussion traditions intersect with practices of modern music.

Rock Ensemble

Rock Ensemble is open to any student who is interested in playing rock music from the 1960’s to the present. Although there is prominent focus on guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and vocals, Rock Ensemble is open to students on any instrument, regardless of prior experience.

Technical Theater


Students may participate in Technical Theater by joining the Sound and Lighting Engineering Division (SLED). This organization is dedicated to providing technical support for all of the functions and events the school presents during the academic year. SLED members are trained to operate the theater’s permanent sound, lighting, and projection systems, in addition to our portable systems. Students can earn community service hours by working on these school events.


Fall Mainstage Production and Winter Musical

The fall and winter productions are an integral part of the Theater program at Pingree. During the fall and winter seasons, students may opt to participate in theater after the academic day ends. Options include both performance and technical theater. All students are eligible to participate.

Improv Theater

Theater Improv incorporates movement-based, vocal, group, and solo exercises to explore the building blocks of improvisation and what it means to be a generous and in-the-moment player. There is the potential for work generated in class to be performed at Morning Meetings, the Holiday Arts Open House, during the Winter and Spring Dance and Theater concerts, and at Comedy Night.

Vocal Performance

Spectrum Ensemble

Spectrum is a mixed-voice ensemble that performs a wide range of musical styles and genres in a variety of languages. Repertoire includes both accompanied and a capella music. The ensemble performs regularly at school functions and other community events.

Pingree A Cappella

With artists like the Pentatonix and television shows like "The Sing Off," the popularity of a cappella singing is on the rise. In this performance-based ensemble class, and in the tradition of a cappella singing at Pingree, students explore many genres of music as they relate to the unaccompanied voice. Students perform pieces from the Early Renaissance all the way through popular songs by contemporary artists.

Pingree Singers

The Pingree Singers frequently collaborate with Pingree’s Rock Band, Percussion Ensemble, Classical Chamber Ensemble, and Contemporary Instrumental Ensemble. This mixed-voice ensemble also performs at the Winter and Spring Arts Celebrations, as well as other school events. The ensemble rehearses and performs a wide variety of musical styles and genres, as well as work on basic musical skills such as music literacy, vocal solo and ensemble technique, and choral arrangement.