Bertolon Art Gallery

The Bertolon Family Art Gallery at Pingree School mounts several shows each year, often featuring the work of local artists. The Gallery is open free to the public every day during the school year.

Now on Display

 Lakota Art Today 

Each summer, since 2005, students from Pingree School have traveled to South Dakota to spend time and engage in community work within the Rosebud Sioux community. Building on these meaningful connections, and to honor our school’s mission to instill curiosity and compassion about the world at large, the Bertolon Art Gallery at Pingree School presents an exhibition that highlights contemporary artwork from artists who have ancestral ties to the Lakota Tribe. Lakota Art Today includes artists from Rosebud and beyond who tell individual and collective stories of the Lakota community through a variety of artistic media. This exhibition highlights and celebrates the vibrant creative expression of Lakota artists, and reflects on how individual stories shape and relate to a collective identity. The group show will run from October 11 - November 29, 2019. Artists include:

  • Lynne Allen
  • Renelle White Buffalo
  • Tani Gordon
  • Inkpa Mani
  • Mikayla Patton
  • Wade Patton
  • Hoka Skenandore
  • Dwayne Wilcox