Alumni Leadership Board

The Pingree School Alumni Leadership Board (ALB) is dedicated to making the Pingree experience stronger for past, current, and future students. The Board fosters interaction and communication by creating a network among alumni, students, and prospective members of the Pingree community. Above all, the Board strives to keep the Pingree School community informed, involved, and appreciated to ensure the continued success of all its constituents.

Ashley Goliti-Chase, Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement

Evan Perkins '10, President

Liv Whitney '09, Vice President

Vini Aguiar '12

Jaimie Cappucci '10

Patricia Ferris '93

Matt Harrington '00

Robert Houston '99

Jenni Mannion '11

Samantha Drislane Markowski '93

Tom Mulroy '01

John Nugent '08

Zack Rokos '09

Caitlin Doherty Sardo '09

Joshua Shain '09

Lyndsey Shepard '10

Kevin St. Pierre '11

Mark Tatelman '04

Janet Van '11

Jake Varsano '14

Alicia Vitagliano '99