Athletics Honor Society

The Pingree School Athletics Honor Society was formed in 1999 to honor those alumni, coaches, and friends who have made a significant contribution to the athletics programs at Pingree School, or whose participation in athletics, other than at Pingree, was so outstanding that it brought credit to Pingree School and served as a model for the Pingree community.

2019 AHS Inductees

AHS Members

Lisa Albano-Fu '88

Harrison Bane '04

Vincent Bono '83

Tamie Thompson Burke '76

Jeremiah S. Burns '77

Joseph D. Capprini '87

Steve Carey

Sarah Carpenter '97

Kiki Chesterton '87

Keith Cooper '01

Michael DePlacido '95

James C. Deveney, Jr.

Anne Jachney Erskine '83

Thomas Foley

Wendy Vincent Fox '86

Elizabeth Charlotte Glessner '99

Elizabeth Shorts Harrigan '95

Keith Houghton '80

H. Alden Johnson Jr. Family

Patrick Lawson '87

Lester MacLaughlin 

Brian McCarthy '90

Alan McCoy

Mary Means Mansfield '67

Frederick Mason IV '92

Matthew Nelligan '04

John Pingree

Jane Shotwell Pirie '79

Sarah Carlson Powers '95

Jonathan Pratt '89

Ellen Preston 

Whitney Thayer Shepard '79

Julie Clifford Smail '86

Jud Smith '75

Jennifer J. Spencer '88

James Rowe

Ned S. Rowland 

Matthew Walker '95

Sandy Bryan Weatherall '79