Meet Our Students

What is Pingree really like? Find out through the voices of our students, a diverse network of scholars, athletes, artists, and activists who breathe life into our hallways, classrooms, and athletic fields, and make Pingree the vibrant community you'll soon come to know and love.

Meet Jayson

Name: Jayson Sanderson
Year: Junior
Hometown: Lynn
Activities: Football, Basketball, Improv, Student Diversity Leadership Conference, Prep@Pingree '12,'13

Meet Sam

Name: Sam Johnson
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Ipswich
Activities: Theater, Track

Meet Abby

Name: Abby Mosse
Year: Senior
Hometown: Beverly
Activities: Theater, Technical Theater, Costume Design

Meet James

Name: James Vassallo
Year: Senior
Hometown: Rockport
Activities: Music, Instrumental Ensemble

Meet Emma

Name: Emma Brandt
Year: Senior
Hometown: Byfield
Activities: Pursuit, Environmental Club, Spectrum Vocal Ensemble, Pingree A Capella, Swimming, Ultimate

Meet Nate

Name: Nate Johnson
Year: Senior
Hometown: South Hamilton
Activities: Peer Tutors, Tennis, Soccer

Meet Lauretta

Name: Lauretta Imuze
Year: Junior
Hometown: Peabody
Activities: Theater, Improv, Soccer, Musical, Track, Prep@Pingree '12,'13

Meet Danny

Name: Danny Massillon
Year: Senior
Hometown: Lynn
Activities: Football, Track, Vocal Performance, Prep@Pingree '11,'12