Senior Projects


Start with this question: What do I want to learn?

Senior Projects at Pingree offers students the opportunity to investigate an area of interest that may have been sparked at Pingree, or to generate a project that provides a new exploratory, educational experience, be it creative, service-oriented, career-focused, or any chance to stretch, learn, and grow. All seniors will propose, participate in, and present a Senior Project. The Senior Project is a graduation requirement and an exciting, experiential bridge upon completion of academic classes. For access funding, please speak with Mrs. Dyer.

Tips for Families

  • Proposal forms and related info may be accessed via the "Senior Projects" button on the student Veracross portal.
  • Keep in mind that students may have afternoon commitments (ex. EIL tournaments) during the Senior Projects timeframe. Be mindful of travel and/or projects that may require commuting.