X:1 Program

Pingree has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for students that we call X:1. Students can make a personal choice about what type of device to bring to school as long as it meets our minimum requirements. Pingree utilizes cloud applications such as Schoology, Gmail, and Google Drive. Cloud applications are generally operating system neutral and are available on most types of devices.

Please click here for a list of FAQs about the X:1 Program

Who is paying for the devices?

The devices will be purchased and owned by families.

A limited fund is reserved for Pingree students who may need financial support to assist with required additional expenses related to their educational experience. These might include, but are not limited to, textbooks, a digital device, field trips, and transportation. Students who currently receive financial aid for tuition will receive first priority. Students not receiving financial aid may also apply for financial assistance with these expenses. Please contact Mary Dyer in the Admission Department at (978) 468-4415 x362 or mdyer@pingree.org to get more information.

A. Requirements

Pingree’s X:1 program, requires that every student bring a device to school each day for use as an organizational tool, a research portal, and a collaboration platform. This device must meet these basic requirements:

B. Required Accessory

  • A headset or earbuds with microphone for private listening and recording. This is especially important when recording or listening to assignments and participating in remote classes.

C. Recommended Accessories

  • An extended warranty is recommended as screens, keyboards, and trackpads occasionally need replacement during the life of the device. 
  • We recommend theft and hazard insurance since warranties do not cover abuse, theft, or accidental damage. Worth Ave. Group and SquareTrade are examples or device insurance companies. Insurance is also available from stores such as Apple, Dell, Best Buy and Staples if devices are purchased from them. *Please note that insurance rarely covers a lost device.
  • An external drive or access to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, DropBox, iCloud etc. for backing up files is recommended. Learning to perform regular backups and how to restore from a backup are very important skills.
  • A protective case/sleeve is recommended. It is also a good idea to use a backpack that has an internal, padded sleeve for protecting the device.

D. Pros and Cons

Below are the list of pros and cons of each device type. We do not advocate one operating system over another. All have their relative strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, we recommend choosing the device that best supports the learning style of your child and the program of studies they are taking here at Pingree. Devices under three years old should be fine, older devices may not be suitable.