Pingree School believes that technology is not intended to replace, but rather to supplement, support, and reinforce, our teaching methods.

In order to compete, thrive, and excel in this increasingly technological world, Pingree is committed to helping students develop proficiency in digital and informational literacy through the integration of these technological tools in their everyday learning experiences and curriculum.

X:1 Initiative

Pingree’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program X:1 allows students to choose their own digital device that meets our requirements to school every day, demonstrating our belief that an academic program should not be built around a single device or platform. This decision supports teachers in making choices about programs that best serve their curriculum while allowing students to bring devices to school that they are familiar and comfortable with and that have their own customized software, settings, and files.

We are confident that X:1 will allow us to remain nimble in adapting to new technologies while providing ultimate flexibility to teachers and families.

Learn more about Pingree's X:1 Program

Wireless Network

Pingree has a campus-wide wireless network where student wireless access for personal devices throughout the campus. With our system of network folders students can store files that are accessible from computers all over the school. Pingree utilizes G Suite for Education (Google Suite) for our e-mail system, business productivity, and collaboration software for communication and information sharing among the Pingree community. G Suite for Education is accessible from anywhere on any internet attached device. Students can access their e-mail or documents from anywhere at anytime.

Tools & Resources

The Pingree Learning Commons has a Chromebook cart in addition to offering collaborative workspaces with large screen monitors for sharing work. Students and teachers also have access to a 15-computer iMac lab, and a 15-Chromebook Language Lab in the school's Original House. All classrooms are equipped with a projector and interactive whiteboard. The Pingree Makerspace houses a laser cutter, a drill press, a large format printer, a soldering iron, two 3D printers and a handful of mini quadcopters and mobius cameras.

Inventing, Creating and Innovating

Pingree is committed to exposing students to the myriad benefits technology can bring, while also equipping them with the knowledge and understanding to utilize these tools in new and creative ways. The following spaces provide ample opportunity for exploration and innovation:

  • The Makerspace — a designated space for teachers and students to design, create, and collaborate
  • Digital Language Lab
  • Digital Music Lab
  • Digitial Media Lab
  • Green Screen Video Production Center

Please navigate to the Science Department page to see available Technology course offerings.