Quant Center

Students come to the Quant Center (QC) for support relating to math and science courses. The QC is a resource for all students created, monitored, and managed by a Pingree teacher from the Math Department. Support from the QC is available before school, during the school day, and after school. Student Quant Center tutors are also available in the center during the school day as an additional resource for students who drop by the QC. Students who frequent the QC become confident, independent problem solvers, equipped to achieve their academic potential in math and science.

We provide:

  • Quantitative skills support in math and science
  • A quiet, focused workspace for students
  • Drop-in center -- regular appointments are available but not necessary
  • Run by a Pingree teacher
  • Before, during and after school support for students in math and science - staffed and open all day
  • Living library of resources online and in the center: qc.pingree.org
  • Produces classroom resources tailored to the Pingree curricula
  • Resources provided on the website available to students anytime
  • QC peer tutor program provides leadership opportunities and promotes peer to peer collaboration