The goal of the Science Department is to introduce students to a body of knowledge in each scientific discipline so that they develop scientific literacy, become responsible citizens, and confront issues in today's society. At the same time, it is hoped that students will become more curious, acquire an interest in science, and improve their independent thinking in problem-solving situations. Bolstered by Pingree's recently built state of art science wing, the science department continues its lead role in developing a strong, hands-on education in science.

Science offerings are constantly evaluated and reviewed for content and relevance and have expanded over the past few years. Each of the main courses of study—Biology, Chemistry, and Physics—have sections to match every level of student interest, aptitude, and talent. As most students go beyond the required level, the department offers a full complement of elective courses, independent study opportunities, and AP courses in biology, physics, and environmental science. All science courses are lab-based classes. Students who have demonstrated excellent ability and interest in science are allowed to take two science courses in one academic year. Pingree fields a competitive Science Team which competes throughout the year with schools in the region.

Sample Courses