Too often, mathematics is perceived as a discipline that one is either good at or bad at; you are either a “math person” or “not a math person.” Through a self-designed integrated program, the Pingree Math Department emphasizes multiple perspectives, giving each student a voice and an avenue through which to participate. Our curriculum pushes students to go beyond the vocabularies of algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and calculus to appreciate overarching skills and develop flexible problem solving strategies. Teachers use their expertise to guide student-led inquiry and to foster a collaborative environment that stresses the importance of patience, flexibility, and selflessness.

Through the use of technology and web-based resources—Mimio Boards, TI graphing calculators, laptops/iPads, GeoGebra, Google, Schoology, Pencilcode, and in-house tutorial videos—learning happens effectively and efficiently, affording the opportunity to explore more sophisticated, multi-skill problems. To further inspire and challenge motivated students, the Pingree Math department offers electives in the art of mathematics, financial literacy, and probability, as well as honors-level classes and AP courses in Calculus AB, Calculus BC, and Statistics. Pingree also fields a successful and popular math team.

Sample Courses