The mission of Pingree's History Department is two-fold: to help our students achieve a deeper understanding of the world in which they live and to equip them with the skills and information required of informed and thoughtful citizens of this world. In their three-year requirement, historians pursue a thematic approach to their study of World History, a path which the faculty believe encourages students to think more abstractly about the content, to draw connections across a wide continuum of time and place, and to better connect the past to the present.

History classes at Pingree are active, energetic and discussion-based. Students are encouraged to participate thoughtfully in discussion, debate and simulations, and to develop their ability to think independently and imaginatively, formulate intelligent opinions, and substantiate them with evidence. Our students write extensively in their history classes; investigative, analytical, and creative essays provide regular opportunity for students to develop their critical thinking and writing skills and thereby to connect more actively with the material.

It is through this active connection with the themes and concepts central to the study of history that students can best develop their skills for citizenship, gaining not only a base of knowledge from which to draw as they move into the world, but also the skills and insight that characterize the thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate and committed citizen in our increasingly global society.

History Courses