Pingree students think creatively and continuously break through the bounds of their creative imaginations. They fully embrace visual and performing arts, discover fresh perspectives on the human experience and most of all, enjoy the artistic process.

Arts Faculty

Our arts faculty members are talented, practicing artists with a gift for inspiring and mentoring students. As a department, we are dedicated to honing the young artist’s technical and practical skills, as well as celebrating the power and wonder of imagination. Our approach to art is rich with humor, empathy, and an awareness of the interconnectedness of the arts with the world at large.

Arts Facilities

Construction on Pingree’s Center for Visual and Performing Arts was completed in 2015. The state-of-the-art campus center covers two floors and houses the Mary Weld Theater (capacity: 400), ceramic and dance studios, photography labs, a theater scene shop, instrumental and choral recital rooms, a digital music lab, practice and rehearsal spaces, a recording studio, and a control booth. Each classroom is wired to a central control room with the same software and equipment used in professional recording studios.

Arts Courses