Pingree’s academic curriculum is designed to challenge each student at an appropriate level, with a combination of required and elective offerings in each of our our six major disciplines: Art, English, History, Language, Math, and Science. Through a demanding and balanced course of studies — enriched by our H Block courses and Senior Project program — students develop the ability to think critically, creatively, and compassionately, to take intellectual risks, and to examine their assumptions and underlying values.


What is H Block?

Pingree’s academic curriculum is balanced with the opportunity to expand learning beyond the core subjects. Our specialized H Block courses afford every student the chance to broaden their scope and dig deeply into subjects that are compelling to them. All H Block offerings are half credit courses and most are graded on a pass/fail system. H Block electives range from Financial Literacy to Theater Improvisation, and Constitutional Law to Creative Writing. Course offerings vary and typically change each semester.