College Counseling

The college process at Pingree is student-centered and dedicated to the philosophy that “College is a match to be made, not a prize to be won.” Each student possesses a unique set of talents, skills, and distinctive strengths. Our goal is to help students target a selection of undergraduate programs that will both challenge and affirm their intellectual and extracurricular aspirations.

The Process

The process begins in earnest in the winter of the junior year with a series of meetings between students and their counselors. Subsequent meetings include parents, academic advisors, teachers, and adults involved in the extracurricular life of the student. Parents and students will also attend two major meetings where every aspect of the application process is discussed in detail.

Our Approach

Our counselors have extensive experience in college counseling and admissions work and have earned the respect of their peers and colleagues. Throughout the year, they expand their knowledge and add new resources by visiting colleges, attending professional workshops, and hosting admissions representatives from across the nation. Drawing on our in-depth comprehension of college admissions, as well as our understanding and appreciation of each student as an individual, we offer guidance and support as Pingree students prepare to embark on successful college careers.

The Pingree Difference

Dedicated student mentorship

Pingree college counselors work with no more than 35 students at a time. The counselor gets to know the student well and the student and parents trust the counselor to guide them through the process wisely, taking into account the particular skills, interests, and needs of each family and child. Our doors are always open for scheduled one-on-one meetings, impromptu check-ins, college prep classes, and parent meetings.

Strong connections with admissions associates in the US and abroad

Our counselors have cultivated strong relationships with colleges and universities throughout the nation and abroad. These institutions know who Pingree students are, what kind of education and character they bring with them to college, and how they will contribute to their new academic and social communities.

Step-by-step guidance throughout the application process

College applications have become more complex in recent years. Should a student apply Early Action? Early Decision? Early Decision II? How does this impact one’s chances of acceptance? How does this affect financial aid decisions? Navigating this terrain requires not only experience, but also time, wisdom, and sensitivity. Our counselors lead students and families through the process, ensuring that each student finds their best fit via the most efficient means possible.

Direct access to the latest resources, tools, and information

Researching colleges is an important part of this process. Simply playing the "name game" and applying to recognized institutions does not ensure a good fit for the student. Our counselors can equip you with the tools and information to foster informed decision-making. Pingree families are encouraged to use the Naviance Family Connection, a powerful link between Pingree and home where you can access a number of important sites and review Pingree's past experiences with colleges and universities.

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