Advanced Pingree Learning Experiences (APEX)

Advanced Pingree Educational Experiences are pinnacle courses that empower students to feed their intellectual curiosity, generate new ideas by combining creative and critical thinking, and expand their learning across academic disciplines. 

In these advanced-level courses, students synthesize skills from foundational coursework and use them to create original, self-driven, research-based projects. Central to the APEX program is Pingree’s mission-driven commitment to the community. Bridging scholarship and citizenship, students’ projects offer innovative solutions to preeminent social justice issues. As active participants in the development of each other’s work, students collaborate and provide peer feedback to facilitate thorough, thoughtful revision and community-centered learning.

At their core, APEX classes invite students to make new meaning of their cumulative studies at Pingree through innovation, collaboration, and community-minded scholarship—the cornerstones of a Pingree education.

"True rigor is more than the depth of coverage and mastery; it requires students to apply knowledge in new and novel ways. We view the most advanced courses as those that expect original thinking and invite students to make connections across disciplines."

Kristin Brown, Associate Head of School


Pillars of APEX Courses
All Advanced Pingree Educational Experiences include the following guiding pillars

Meaningful rigor and thinkload
APEX classes require students to synthesize the skills they learned in foundational courses, using them to design original research projects.

Complex student-driven research
resulting in independent and original work

Students will be expected to embrace curiosity, conducting complex research on a topic of their choice. They’ll also learn to provide and implement feedback by engaging in collaborative peer review. 

Connection between scholarship and civic engagement
Students in APEX classes will pursue purpose-driven work with real-world applications, as they use research to devise solutions to world justice issues. 

Integrated studies approach to teaching and learning
APEX courses include connections to more than one academic discipline.



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