We believe that Pingree has both a responsibility and an opportunity to be a leader in creating sustainable change. We are striving to build a culture where individuals understand and believe in their personal responsibility to combat climate change. That personal commitment will translate into action in all that follows - whether here at Pingree, at home, or in the workplace of today and tomorrow.

Pingree is committed to making our campus and wider community more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable. Here are some specific areas where our community is focusing these efforts.

Sustainability in Action


Ways to Get Involved

At Pingree, there are a number of opportunities available for students to get involved with sustainable initiatives and projects.

  • We have an active Green Team club that meets weekly to discuss ways to educate our community and improve our school norms around sustainability. Each year the Green Team organizes an Earth Week event to highlight important issues and promote action in our school.
  • The Pingree Community Garden Club works to keep our greenhouse up and running. They meet weekly to plant, harvest, and donate!
  • Elective and H-Block courses focus on sustainable themes. For example, students can choose to take science electives in Energy, Ecology, Marine Biology, and Oceanography. Past H-Block courses have included Sustainability, Pingree Outside, Aquaponics, and Design for a Better World.

Getting Greener

In 2018, Pingree conducted a school-wide self-survey to assess the sustainable practices of our community. The results of this survey are being used to guide and foster current and future sustainable initiatives. If you would like to learn more about this work, you can see our Pingree Sustainability Report.

Also in 2018, Pingree worked with a consulting forester to develop a stewardship plan maintaining and preserving the fields, meadows, pond, woodlands, and wetlands that surround our campus.

Check out our student-run Instagram pages to see more ways that students have become involved in the cause!

Pingree Community Garden

Pingree's Getting Greener