Dedicated to academic excellence and development of high personal standards, Pingree believes that a love of learning flourishes best in a diverse community that respects truth, curiosity, creativity, humor, and independent and imaginative thinking. Above all, Pingree strives to instill in its students integrity, decency, compassion, self-esteem and commitment to one another and to the world at large.

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Statement of Character and Purpose

As a small college preparatory day school founded in 1960, Pingree advances its mission through its teachers, advisors and coaches, whose close rapport with students empowers their academic, athletic, and extracurricular careers here and enables us to identify and encourage personal strengths. These interactions, in partnership with parents, enable us to instill the values of our mission.

Students become confident in their abilities and diligent as citizens in society. At Pingree, students participate actively in efforts to bring about a better world, developing as leaders and individuals with the courage to take risks and grow as students and people.

Diversity Statement

Pingree School’s mission states that, “Pingree believes that love of learning flourishes best in a diverse community.” In keeping with this philosophy, we must actively recruit students, faculty, staff, and trustees of diverse backgrounds. The school and its trustees are committed to ensuring that Pingree is open and welcoming to a population that is all-inclusive. We seek to be a community of people who respect, nurture, and sustain an awareness of how the diversity among us enriches all of our lives.