Framework for the Future

Strategic initiatives at Pingree are guided by the Framework for the Future, an ambitious roadmap that ensures the School's ability to live out its mission and program in perpetuity.

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Strategic Vision Statements and Objectives

People: We will fund programs for students, access for families, and benefits for faculty in perpetuity

We are a community committed fully to the intellectual and personal growth of our students, faculty, and staff. We pursue our mission through the passion, diversity, and dedication of all community members. Pingree will endow access funding for families, comprehensive academic programs for students, and benefits for faculty and staff. We will advance our commitment to inclusivity and cultivate in students a passion for challenge with curiosity, creativity, and confidence.


  • Grow endowment to ensure financial flexibility within the operating budget
  • Increase endowed scholarships and faculty chairs
  • Utilize human resources to track and communicate competitive compensation and benefits plans
  • Advance a commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and equity by assessing efforts and measuring progress in people, policies, and program
  • Increase time for professional and personal reflection
  • Develop teachers and school leaders from all backgrounds. Sustain the Pingree Fellowship Program
  • Cultivate a school environment where staff are trained in cultural understanding. Ensure content and teaching reflects the identities of the greater world
  • Clarify and communicate civic engagement and service learning programs

Pace: We will prioritize wellness and reflection

We are a progressive place for deep learning, reflection, and personal growth. As education evolves, Pingree is committed to providing the time and space to reflect, adapt, and lead. We will focus on wellness and the cultivation of routines that prepare students and adults to reflect, thrive in ambiguity, solve problems, cultivate empathy, and think differently. The Pingree educational environment will demonstrate that learning at a healthy pace involves the curious examination and integration of ideas, values, skills, and creative expression.


  • Foster a love of learning and joy in all program initiatives
  • Evaluate methods and timing of assessments with a focus on individual development
  • Address the external factors that contribute to challenges with pace; partner with colleges and universities
  • Revisit the calendar to identify opportunities for thoughtful consideration of responsibilities and events
  • Develop clear and explicit wellness programming for both students and adults
  • Consider how technology enhances and/or hinders a healthy pace at school
  • Dedicate time and resources to support school spirit and community
  • Acknowledge the tireless efforts of our students, faculty, and staff

Place: We will enhance learning, study, and social environments

We value the learning environment at Pingree. Through continual review, Pingree will create dynamic, flexible, quiet, varied, outdoor, and forward-thinking learning and social spaces. We will develop programs that care for and utilize our campus, making Pingree a nimble and aspirational environment for growth and reflection.


  • Utilize the Campus Master Plan to enhance learning and social spaces around campus
  • Enhance auxiliary programs to introduce the broader community to Pingree and increase revenue from non-tuition sources
  • Define, expand, and measure environmental sustainability and stewardship efforts
  • Develop and prioritize PPRRSM and campus project list, utilizing the Campus Master Plan