Pingree's head of school is responsible for the daily and strategic operation of the school. The head is supported by the Board of Trustees, a group of leaders committed to furthering the school's Mission, Statement of Purpose, Diversity and Access.

The Committee on Trustees (COT) is soliciting names for potential candidates for the Pingree School Board of Trustees. Do you know someone who would be a good fit? Fill out our form to make a nomination by December 31.

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Board of Trustees

Richard Tadler, President
Jamie Kellogg III '85, Vice President
Stephanie M. Patton '00, Secretary
Sam Daume, Treasurer
Timothy M. Johnson, Head of School

Clare Byrne
Allison Collins
Christina Comparato '85
Jason Galui '95
Ivy George
Brendan Greelish '97
Kim Guerster
Ryan Hendrickson '03
Cara Hutchins
Rob Job
Matt Kadnar
Courtney Kagan
Dave Kennedy
Kristen Krohg
Mark Landgren
Alex Leikikh
Lois Lombardo-Maravelis
Bianka Mejia '09
Bob Mullaney
Justin Parker '02
Evan Perkins '10, ALB President
Alan Ray
Sarah Cleto Rial
Beth Levitsky Stracher '87