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Pingree School Mansion

Administrative Team

The head of school is assisted in administering the School's programs by an Administrative Team that includes: the assistant head of school for academic affairs, the dean of community and multicultural development, the dean of students, the director of admission, the director of athletics, the director of finance and operations, the director of institutional advancement, the director of technology, and the director of communications and marketing.

Pingree Head of School Tim Johnson

Dr. Timothy M. Johnson
Head of School
978.468.4415, ext. 234

Assistant Head of School Kristin Brown

Kristin Brown
Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs
978.468.4415, ext. 375

Director of Finance and Operations Jock Burns

Jock Burns
Director of Finance and Operations
978.468.4415, ext. 277

Executive Assistant to Head of School Joy Foley

Joy Foley
Executive Assistant to the Head of School
978.468.4415, ext.234

Director of Communications Melody Komyerov

Melody Komyerov
Director of Communications and Marketing
978.468.4415, ext. 233

Interim Director of Advancement Di Mathey

Cara Lawler
Director of Institutional Advancement
978.468.4415, ext. 282

Director of Athletics Alan McCoy

Alan McCoy
Director of Athletics
978.468.4415, ext. 247

Director of Technology Bob Ogden

Robert Ogden
Director of Information Systems
978.468.4415, ext. 209

Director of Community and Multicultural Development Dr. Zara Spooner

Dr. Zara Spooner
Dean of Community and Multicultural Development
978.468.4415, ext. 218

Director of Admission Eric Stacey

Eric Stacey
Director of Enrollment Management and Admission
978.468.4415, ext. 239

Dean of Students Len Williamson

Len Williamson
Dean of Students
978.468.4415, ext. 237

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