Administrative Team

The head of school is assisted in administering the School's programs by an Administrative Team that includes: the associate head of school, the assistant head of school for instruction and equity, the dean of students, the director of admission, the director of athletics, the director of finance and operations, the director of institutional advancement, the director of technology, and the director of communications and marketing.

Dr. Timothy M. Johnson
Head of School
978.468.4415, ext. 234
AB, Bowdoin College; MFA, Maryland Institute, College of Art; EdD, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

The head of school is responsible for the operation of the school. The head is assisted by the administrators listed below and reports directly to the school’s Board of Trustees. The head of school is directly supported by the executive assistant to the head of school.

Assistant Head of School Kristin Brown

Kristin Brown
Associate Head of School
978.468.4415, ext. 375
BA, Dickinson College; EdM, Harvard University

The associate head of school oversees academic affairs at Pingree School. The associate head of school is responsible for all areas of the daily implementation of the academic program. The associate head of school oversees and supports the faculty with regard to the daily implementation of the academic program. The associate head of school supports the academic department chairs and chairs the Department Chair, Curriculum Committee, and Student Support Team meetings. The associate head of school oversees and coordinates the teacher evaluation process for all teaching faculty. Decisions involving class offerings, faculty assignments, and academic content and expectations are ultimately made in this office. The associate head of school is supported by the registrar.

Director of Communications and Marketing Novelette Brown

Novelette Brown
Director of Communications and Marketing
978.468.4415, ext. 233
BS, Boston University; MA, University of Mississippi

The director of communications and marketing oversees and directs strategic communications for Pingree School. The director produces digital communications for Pingree’s academic, admission, and advancement offices and supports the regular day-to-day and weekly news communications for the current community of students, parents, faculty, and staff. The office also develops and produces news stories, photos, videos, and multimedia communications for the school, and manages the school’s relationship with the press and other outside media, and handles crisis communications.

Chief Financial Officer John Harrington

John Harrington
Chief Financial Officer
978.468.4415, ext. 226
BS, University of Massachusetts; MS, Bentley University

The chief financial officer carries out the policies and directives of the Finance Committee and the Board of Trustees, with the guidance of the head of school and with respect to the financial affairs of the school. The chief financial officer leads the Business Office. The purpose and philosophy of the Business Office is to support the needs of department heads, to discuss their budgets, inform them of their budgets and their periodic charges against such budgets, approve purchase requisitions submitted by them, and aid them in the purchasing procedure. The Business Office aids individual employees in matters such as reimbursement for expenses and application and administration of employee benefits. The Business Office also manages the buildings and grounds, auxiliary enterprise operations, food services, transportation, school store, personnel records, and purchasing. Any questions about purchases, expenses, or other financially related matters should be referred to the Business Office.

Executive Assistant to Head of School Joy Foley

Joy Foley
Executive Assistant to the Head of School
978.468.4415, ext.234
BA, Boston College; JD, Suffolk University Law School

The Executive Assistant to the Head of School performs administrative support duties for the Head of School and facilitates communication and scheduling for the Board of Trustees.  The executive assistant is responsible for all issues relating to the administrative functions in the Head’s office, keeping in mind the larger view, facilitating communication, and always acting in the best interest of the school and its mission.  

Director of Athletics

Betsy Kennedy
Director of Athletics and Afternoon Programs
978.468.4415, ext. 247
BA, Bowdoin College

The director of athletics and afternoon programs is responsible for administering the athletics program; overseeing the department’s personnel; evaluating the objectives, policies and staff; and overseeing the athletic facilities, equipment, and budget. The director of athletics has primary responsibility for the school’s relationships with other schools as they relate to athletics.

Director of Advancement Cara Lawler

Cara Lawler
Director of Advancement
978.468.4415, ext. 282
BA, Colgate University; MA, Boston College

The director of advancement fosters a philanthropic community in support of the vital and enduring teaching, learning, and mission of Pingree School. The director of advancement is responsible for annual, major, capital, and planned giving fundraising, parent and alumni engagement, and community events. The director of advancement serves as liaison to the full Board of Trustees and staffs the Committee on Trustees and the Development Committee.

Steve Moran
Dean of Students
978.468.4415, ext. 220
BA and M.Ed., University of Maine

The dean of students is responsible for all areas of student life that are not directly a part of the academic, athletics, or afternoon programs, such as attendance, lateness, and minor and major conduct issues. The dean of students oversees the advisory program and is the advisor to the Student Council as well as the coordinator of the class trips in the fall and the student activities groups during the year. The dean of students is responsible for overseeing the grade dean system and conduct processes.

Laura Ogden
Director of Human Resources and General Counsel
978.468.4415, ext. 222
AB, Harvard College; JD, Harvard Law

The director of human resources and general counsel is a resource to all employees and is responsible for revising and communicating school policies and procedures, supporting and tracking evaluations and professional development, overseeing hiring and employee recruitment processes, reviewing compensation and benefit trends, and assisting with overall personnel management in consultation with the senior leadership of the school. The director of human resources and general counsel also reviews the school’s contracts, waivers, and other legal documents.

Director of Technology Bob Ogden

Robert Ogden
Director of Information Systems
978.468.4415, ext. 209
BS, Northeastern University

The director of information systems’ primary responsibility is to provide institutional leadership, guidance, and vision for all data management and telecommunications systems on campus. The director of information systems has responsibility for the school’s network management and functionality and oversees all hardware and software purchasing, support, and maintenance.

Director of Community and Multicultural Development Dr. Zara Spooner

Dr. Zara Spooner
Assistant Head of School for Instruction and Equity
978.468.4415, ext. 218
BA, Denison University; PhD, Tufts University

The assistant head of school for instruction and equity works with the entire Pingree community to address issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice within the school community. Faculty, staff, students, and parents work in collaboration to realize the goals established in the mission statement and the strategic plan. The assistant head of school for instruction and equity is the key contact person for parents, faculty, staff, and students who would like to discuss issues of diversity, multicultural education, and social justice.

Director of Admission Eric Stacey

Eric Stacey
Director of Enrollment Management and Admission
978.468.4415, ext. 239
BA, Colorado College

The director of admission and enrollment management is primarily responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and deciding on candidates for admission; reviewing financial aid material for proper distribution of monies for grants; and helping to organize new student orientation. The director is also responsible for re-enrollment and attrition processes.

In keeping with our mission, our admin team members thrive in joy!