Pingree Fellowship Program

A Program to Increase Faculty Diversity in Independent Schools

Mission Statement: The Pingree Fellowship Program works with talented, developing professionals, who have demonstrated a commitment to education and an introduction to the craft of teaching. The Pingree Fellowship seeks to identify and work with promising individuals who have been traditionally underrepresented in independent schools in an effort to “create a more just and equitable world,” in line with the school’s mission statement. In addition to mentorship, we provide fellows with the opportunities to teach, coach, and advise, preparing them for a career in independent schools.

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I wanted a program like this to ease me into teaching and prevent burnout. I am glad to say that this goal was achieved. I am confident in my ability to succeed as a full-time teacher next year. I loved the opportunities to try teaching new courses. Using backwards planning on the trimester, unit, and day level to create a neuroscience elective that I then implemented was an incredibly unique opportunity.

—Aahnix Bathurst, current science fellow