Pingree Fellowship Program

A Program to Increase Faculty Diversity at Independent Schools

Mission Statement: The Pingree Fellowship Program works with talented, developing professionals to introduce the craft of teaching. In line with Pingree’s school mission statement, “a love of learning flourishes best in a diverse community,” the Pingree Fellowship seeks to identify and work with promising people from traditionally underrepresented populations in independent schools. We aim to provide fellows with the opportunity to teach, coach, and advise, preparing them for a career in education.

Thank you for your interest. We have filled our two Fellow positions and applications for the 2019-2020 School Year are now CLOSED. However, interested candidates may submit an application in the event funding becomes available for additional fellows.

Please direct any questions to Casey Finch, Interim Fellowship Director @

Program Details

The Fellowship runs for a one-year term with the option to extend to two years. The fellow will work alongside a mentor within the same content area and increasingly assume more teaching responsibilities as the year progresses.

Trimester 1

The fellow will shadow classes across their content area and across the school, as well as begin to co-teach segments of the mentor’s class.

Trimester 2

The fellow will take on one of their mentor’s classes, with the mentor serving in an observational role.

Trimester 3

The fellow will teach two classes, one of which may be an elective H Block course created by the fellow.

The fellow will attend a weekly seminar conducted by the Director of the Pingree Fellowship Program that will focus on methods of teaching, lesson planning, classroom management, and the psychology of teaching and learning. Additionally, the fellow will have the opportunity to attend department meetings, monthly new faculty and staff meetings with the assistant head for academic affairs, and other professional development opportunities.

Aside from teaching responsibilities, the fellow will coach or supervise an extracurricular activity two out of the three seasons and chaperone school events as needed. The fellow will also join their mentor’s advisory group.


The Pingree Fellowship Program offers unparalleled training at a school that values academics, athletics, and the arts.

Benefits Include:

  • Stipend (approx. $25K)
  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Travel - Learning Across Borders trips (Taiwan, France, Spain, Etc).
  • Assistance with job search
  • Professional Development Opportunities:

    • trainings, conferences, etc
    • coursework (related to content area or pedagogy)
    • Teachers as Scholars at Harvard University
    • Annual People of Color Conference

    How to Apply

    The Pingree Fellowship Program seeks candidates from underrepresented populations in independent schools with a record of strong content preparation and demonstrated interest in working with youth. The Fellowship welcomes those who have recently graduated from undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as career changers. Formal teacher training is not required.

    If you have questions about the Pingree Fellowship Program, please email

    To apply, please complete the form below:

    Applications for the 2019-2020 school year are now CLOSED.

    Pingree Teaching Fellow Application