Board of Trustees Progress Indicators

To deepen equity commitments at the governance level, the Board of Trustees formed an Equity and Inclusion Committee with representation from a diverse group of community members. The Equity and Inclusion Committee, working with the full board, drafted progress indicators by which they will hold respective systems accountable.

Building & Grounds

The Building and Grounds Committee shall develop procurement policies that provide a fair and equitable process by which diverse businesses can compete on the basis of their service, delivery, and pricing. This process will include a questionnaire to all current and prospective vendors including their diversity status, leadership, staff, and questions related to general diversity practices. We will ensure that all vendors' policies are in alignment with Pingree School's mission and values.

Progress Indicator Timeline
Implement a consistent process for evaluating new vendors


Complete procurement process with all vendors exceeding a $10k annual spend. Ongoing
Compile a vendor list that is reflective of the Pingree community and in alignment with the mission and values of the school. Ongoing


Committee on Trustees

The Committee on Trustees (COT) oversees the recruitment process for Pingree’s Board of Trustees, identifying, vetting, and selecting trustees who bring the necessary experience, skills, and character to the board. The COT seeks to continue to build, support, and educate a board that reflects the increasing diversity of the school’s student, faculty, and staff population, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, geography, and profession.

Progress Indicator Timeline
Ensure presence of DEI committee member at individual meetings with prospective trustees.



Witness a steady increase in the percent of diverse nominees and trustees over time, with a focus on trustees who identify as individuals of color.


Inquire about participation in DEI-related work both personally and professionally.




Development Committee

The Development Committee leads the Board of Trustees’ participation in institutional fundraising and resource development at Pingree School. In partnership with the Advancement Office, the Development Committee seeks to ensure that Pingree School has sufficient funding to sustain its commitment to anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Progress Indicator Timeline
Achieve 50 percent of project cost committed in gifts and pledges by January 2022.

Fall 2022

Add approximately $1 million in new gifts to the endowment annually. Fall 2030
Analyze year-over-year participation data for community wide events; gather feedback from different constituents Ongoing


Finance Committee

The Finance Committee supports Pingree’s community-wide efforts toward anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion and is committed to reporting accurate and relevant financial data to stakeholders and decision-makers at Pingree School. We are committed to holding ourselves and business partners accountable to ensure more diversity and inclusion in our business practices.  

Progress Indicator Timeline
Create a DEI Dashboard within the Financial Dashboard that will be updated and reviewed at each Finance Committee. Completed and reported on an ongoing basis (reviewed 7–9 times annually)
Create financial reporting that tracks Pingree’s financial commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the form of financial assistance for students Ongoing (reported and reviewed several times per year)
Request and review MBE/DEI reporting from our vendors on projects with a significant financial commitment Ongoing


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee supports Pingree’s community-wide efforts toward anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Audit Committee is committed to the selection and monitoring of independent accountants that perform the school’s annual audit. We are committed to holding ourselves and our business partners more accountable to ensure more diversity and inclusion in our business practices.

Progress Indicator Timeline
As part of their annual audit reporting package, audit firms will be asked to include a section on diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at their organization, which will be shared with the Audit Committee to ensure their alignment with the school’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Ongoing


Equity & Inclusion Committee

The Committee on Equity & Inclusion leads Pingree’s community-wide efforts toward anti-racism, diversity, equity, and inclusion. A focus on the role of race in American life will inevitably lead us to challenges around other social differences such as gender, religion, social class, and sexual orientation, which will ultimately include the well-being of all members of the Pingree community.

Progress Indicator Timeline
Pingree has clearly defined benchmarks and metrics by which to be accountable over time Evolving


Processes to review policies, by-laws, and procedures are inclusive

To be determined
Strategic planning documents are updated to reflect defined goals related to DEI To be determined