Equity, Access, and Community

A great education should be available to every deserving student. At Pingree, it's part of our mission. We are committed to helping students find their home here and continue to lend support throughout their high school careers. This means that every student has access to all of the options and opportunities that Pingree provides.

Access for All

Access at Pingree means offering strong financial aid support for all students. Access means supporting a nationally recognized academic enrichment program, and creating academic and co-curricular programs that foster meaningful dialogue on topics of social identity, diversity, equity and social justice.

Diversity of all kinds enriches our community and expands the educational experience of all our students. Pingree's Community and Multicultural Development Program supports the school's commitment to building an economically, socially, multi-culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse school community of talented and motivated students.

Access also means being able to get to school, athletics games, service events, and arts performances, no matter where you live. It means our students have exposure to the tools, resources, and support services that they need to thrive. Opportunities for travel, civic engagement, and co-curricular exploration are available to all who walk these halls, expenses notwithstanding. We are a community that believes everyone deserves the chance to flourish.

Pingree Fellowship Program

The Pingree Fellowship Program works with talented, developing professionals to introduce the craft of teaching. In line with Pingree’s school mission statement, “a love of learning flourishes best in a diverse community,” the Pingree Fellowship seeks to identify and work with promising people from traditionally underrepresented populations in independent schools. We aim to provide fellows with the opportunity to teach, coach, and advise, preparing them for a career in independent schools.

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