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We invite you to consider the many advantages of a Pingree education. Our community values the life of the mind and fosters an ambitious, nimble, and innovative learning culture that keeps all doors of possibility open for students.


Pingree Stories

  • Students

The Rising Career of Performer, Composer, and Producer Michael Kouroubacalis '16.

By the age of three, Pingree senior Michael Kouroubacalis had already recorded his first album. Employing his trusty portable tape recorder and beat machine, the budding musician recorded four to five tracks that a family friend would later transfer to CD, complete with customized album cover. And thus, a career was born.

Just three years later, Michael and his sister (and fellow Highlander) Marisa '15 could be found performing together in front of live audiences, with Michael on guitar, Marisa on drums, and the two of them together on vocals.

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  • Students

Pingree Robotics Celebrates Another Successful Season of Competition

Pingree robot 4716D has received an invitation to participate in the Vex Robotics World Championship in Louisville, KY in April 2016. This marks the second year in a row that Pingree has sent a robot to Worlds. 4716D was designed, built and operated by Tim Smith '16, Ankur Gupta '17, and Andreas Hansen '18. Based on a strong showing at southern New England Regionals in both the competition and skills events, the D-bot earned its spot at this year's World Championship.

4716C, designed and built by Alex Eramo '17 and Matt Barrett '17 also finished the season with distinction. Alex and Matt entered the FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge, which required them to use Vex parts to design and build a robot that supports the academic program of the school and then submit a video of the robot in action. Their Battle Simulation Robot is intended for use in history classes to illustrate the movement of troops in historic battles. The video they submitted was narrated by Pingree's own Mike Wilmot. This robot finished as one of ten finalists in this international competition.

4716A finished the season strong with another award, the Build Award at southern New England Regionals, for the best-constructed robot of the 86 bots at the competition. Designed, built and operated by Jason Lafortune '16, Peter Kelly '17, and Pranav Veluri '19, this robot also won two excellence awards earlier in the season, and qualified for regionals in both the southern New England region and the NH-Vermont region.

4716B, aka the Hat, designed, built and operated by Nick Wiles '17 and James Lang '18 was the most innovative and crowd-pleasing robot throughout the New England region. This robot was specifically engineered to score the 50 point elevation bonus at the end of a match by rising up above its partner who then drove under it. The Hat then sat down on its partner and raised its legs to achieve the twelve-inch elevation. The Hat successfully achieved this maneuver dozens of times throughout the season.

Coaches Alec Burt and Dave Medvitz are thrilled with the hard work and positive attitude exhibited by the team throughout the season, and look forward to continued success at worlds.

Below is a list of the specific accomplishments of each robot this season:

4716A Jason Lafortune, Peter Kelly, Pranav Veluri

  • Build Award, Southern New England Nothing But Net Championship, Mar. 2016
  • Qualifier- Southern New England Nothing But Net Championship, Mar. 2016
  • Excellence Award — Nothing But Net Qualifying Tournament, Feb. 2016
  • Semifinalist — Nothing But Net Qualifying Tournament, Feb. 2016
  • Qualifier — NH-VT State Vex Robotics Championship, Feb. 2016
  • Semifinalist — Vex Winter Classic, Feb. 2016
  • Excellence Award — Nothing But Net Qualifying Tournament, Jan. 2016
  • Quarterfinalist — Nothing But Net Qualifying Tournament, Jan. 2016
  • Finalist — BU Vex Winter Qualifying Tournament, Jan. 2016

4716B Nick Wiles, James Lang

  • Qualifier — Southern New England Nothing But Net Championship, Mar. 2016
  • Semifinalist — Nothing But Net Qualifying Tournament, Feb. 2016
  • Quarterfinalist — Nothing But Net Qualifying Tournament, Jan. 2016
  • Semifinalist — BU Vex Winter Qualifying Tournament, Jan. 2016

4716C Alex Eramo, Matt Barrett

  • Finalist — FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge


4716D Tim Smith, Ankur Gupta, Andreas Hansen

  • Qualifier — Vex Robotics World Championship, April 2016
  • Quarterfinalist — Southern New England Nothing But Net Championship, Mar. 2016
  • Qualifier — Southern New England Nothing But Net Championship, Mar. 2016
  • Quarterfinalist — BU Vex Winter Qualifying Tournament, Jan. 2016
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  • Academics

A science teacher and student develop a test for kidney function.

The typical high school student receives a well-rounded education in science, taking courses in biology, chemistry, and physics. They learn the scientific method and the fundamentals of technical inquiry, studying the work of published scientists to inform their own learning. It isn't until college, or even graduate school, however, that most students have the opportunity to engage in real scientific research.

Pingree Chemistry Teacher Dr. David Hamilton, PhD, chemistry, UNC Chapel Hill, is trying to change that. When asked during the hiring phase what he might bring to Pingree, beyond that of the regular teaching load, he knew one of his strongest assets was his background in scientific research. He outlined a rough vision for creating a research program for students interested in targeted scientific study and Head of School Dr. Timothy Johnson gave him the green light to build a plan.

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  • Arts

Pingree faculty and students write and perform an original musical stage production.

The talented and inspiring faculty of the Pingree Arts Department made our jaws drop again this year with the announcement that they would be writing, directing, producing, and choreographing an original musical stage production.

Get Real: The Musical follows the cast and crew of a reality television music competition program as they grapple with the intersection of their public and private personas.

Theater Director Arlynn Poletta penned the screenplay while Vocal Teacher Thom Smoker and Art Department Chair Eric Haltmeier took the lead on the music and lyrics; Pingree Dance Teacher Tennille Hahn conceived of the choreography and Technical Theater Director Jason Ries oversaw lighting and set design. Their vision was brought to life by the student actors, singers, dancers, stage managers, and tech crew members with the show's premiere on March 3, 2016.

View photos from the show.

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  • Faculty

Art Teacher Rich Erickson retires after 30 years at Pingree.

Every time I walk by the Art Room, I feel a magnetic pull that draws me inside. The door is open, and music escapes into the hall. Rich Erickson, affectionately known as Mr. E, or "Mystery," sees me and greets me with his enthusiastic "Hi!"

Mr. E creates space. I step across the threshold and enter the spiritual safe haven of the Art Room. The mood is energetic, peaceful, playful, and calming. A group of students sit around the table, focused and present, while Mr. E leads me around the room, introducing me to the students, praising their work and sharing at least five bad jokes. Then, when a few students arrive late to class, he sprays them with water or silly string, and seamlessly transitions back to art and world politics.

The Art Room itself is a museum, a well-curated collection of ideas and inspiration, artwork and words to live by. Students, artists, athletes and academics alike, listen to music, share stories, and work on class sculpting projects with names like "Being Chased by a Bear" and "Climbing Mt. Everest."

Students, teachers, and staff move freely in and out of the room throughout the day. Mr. E holds space for everyone. Some of us retreat to the Art Room for a half-hour for some art, news, sports talk, and comic relief. A former student made a year-long pilgrimage to the Art Room for therapy and healing after surviving a life-threatening car accident. Countless Pingree students make the journey of self-discovery in Mr. E's Art Room.

By the end of a typical day, Mr. E is helping a student with an art portfolio, searching for glue guns for an engineering project, guiding student editors with the next issue of the student literary art magazine, Pegasus, making posters for the next Coffeehouse event. All the while, you'll be listening to music ranging from Bob Marley to Van Morrison to today's top hits, and watching hilarious YouTube videos in the moments between.

Being a teenager is a one of the most vulnerable and yet empowering times in our lives. The Art Room is a refuge from the acute sensitivity, acne, and awkwardness of adolescence. It's a place to laugh and relax, temporarily free of all the drama, stress, and ambition of high school life.

A master artist, listener, and conversationalist, Mr. E is a walking fountain of ideas, philosophies and knowledge. His germination of ideas has given birth to something that spreads farther than the physical space of the Art Room itself. Many of Mr. E's former students are now artists, writers, musicians, architects, athletes, and art educators, recreating the "space" in their own studios and classrooms, and above all, in their personal lives. Through his childlike curious wonder, relentless sense of humor, and clear wisdom and kindness, we've learned how to live a balanced, full life.

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Join us as we celebrate Rich Erickson and his 30 years of inspired teaching at Pingree, Saturday, June 11, 2016. Click here to learn more and submit a tribute to Mr. E.

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  • Alumni

Young Pingree alumni share their stories of doing good and making a better world.

We checked in with Pingree alums from Seattle to Paris who are doing good in the world. These young alums have found a way to connect the seeds sown at Pingree to making a positive difference through their work and studies. From education, medicine, sustainability, finance, employment, and food, these young people devote their lives to helping others. They work close to home in New England and as far away as Paris, Seattle, and El Salvador, wherever there is need. Read these inspiring stories of Pingree alums who have found success by following their ideals and beliefs.

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